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Friday, February 28, 2014

Canadian Sunset - Eddie Heywood

Blues In A Happy Mood
Canadian Sunset
Eddie Heywood
RCA Victor LPM-1529

From the back cover: Success as a composer marks the third time that Eddie Heywood has hit the jackpot. He first gained renown in the early 1940s as the leader of a witty, stylized and stunningly rhythmic little band. He was riding the crest with his band in 1947 when he was hit by as hard a blow as a pianist can face – partial paralysis of his hands.

After four years of retirement, he was able to resume playing and made a new career for himself as a soloist, climaxed by Canadian Sunset which was his biggest hit since his recording of Begin The Beguine started him on the road to fame in 1944.

Also see: The Keys and I

I'm Saving Myself For You
Subway Serenade
Rendezvous For Two
Blues In A Happy Mood
Heywood's Beguine
Canadian Sunset
All About You
Now You're Mine
Dearest Darling
Time To Go Home

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Listening To Larry - Larry Fotine

Listening To Larry
Larry Fotine And His Orchestra
Bel Canto SR/1005

Originally priced by Bel Canto at $5.95, I paid little more than that at one of my record store stops to collect the sophisticated cheesecake art and blue vinyl disc. After reading the jacket notes, I was afraid that the tracks would sound too "Lawrence Welk". Yes… the music is "old fashion" sounding" compared to the slick period marketing vibe of the packaging. Tracks are available at your usual online outlets, so I will not be posting a sample here.

From the back cover: Who was behind the scenes of Lawrence Welk's spectacular rise to success out there in Television-Land? One of the names that has to go on the list is Larry Fotine's, who arranged for Welk from 1955 until 1957, when Lick Pier has no peer as a magnet for the millions who hunger for music to dance by. In this album, Larry Fotine and his Golden Thirteen give you an even dozen all-time favorites, including a smattering of Fotine's original compositions.

Almost Square
Heavenly Thing
Take And Option On You
The Breeze
Sleepy Time Gal
I Couldn't Say Goodbye
Bye Bye Blues
Snuggle On Your Shoulder
Say You're Mine Again
At Sundown
Soft Lights
Little Bird

Strings On Fire - Michel Legrand

Tabu (CL 1725)
Strings On Fire
Michel Legrand And His Orchestra
Cover Photo: Columbia Records Photo Studio - Henry Parker
Columbia Records CL 1725 & CS 8525)

From the back cover: In his native France, Michel Legrand is known as "Le Roi des Arrangeurs" and in the United States as the "Magician of the French New Sound." Legrand's extraordinary talent for creating ingratiating orchestral settings is abundantly evident in his new album, Strings On Fire. The lushness of Ravel, the incisive vigor of Stravinshy (whom Legrand considers the greatest composer of our time) and all the best devices found in modern popular music come together in Legrand's arrangements and combine to form a musical substance wholly new and altogether fascinating.

These mingled influences have their roots in Michel's early musical training. At the age of six, he was a pianist of no mean accomplishment and five years later he entered the hallowed halls of the Paris Conservatory to immerse himself in formal studies of harmony, counterpoint and piano. When he was sixteen, Legrand pere (Raymond Legrand, the well-known conductor) used Legrand fils' services as an arranger and pianist. Word soon got around that "the other Legrand" was a very good musician, too.

By the time Michel emerged from his Conservatory studies – aged twenty – he has won first prizes in piano and harmony. Putting his formal training to work and harnessing a goodly amount of his Gallic energy and imagination, Legrand gathered about thirty musicians together and led them in his stunning arrangement of Paris Canaille for the chanteuse formidable, Catherine Sauvage. The recording was an instantaneous hit. The upshot; Columbia approached Legrand to record a collection of instrumental songs about, of all things, Paris. I Love Paris soon became one of the year's most sought-out albums. And Legrand found himself in heavy demand as an arranger for many popular artists, Jacqueline Francois and Juliette Greco among them.

El Choclo
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
What Is This Thing Called Love
Everything I Have Is Yours
Close You Eyes
Come Back To Sorrento
All Or Nothing At All

Don McNeill Presents March Around The Breakfast Table - Eddie Ballantine

The Camels Are Coming
Don McNeill Presents March Around The Breakfast Table
Eddie Ballantine And His Band
Coral Stereo CRL 757291
Cover photo by Jerry Tiffany
Floors and Walls by Congoleum-Nairn

From the back cover: Paul Whiteman proved that he was a good judge of talent when he recommended Eddie Ballantine as a radio network staff musician back in 1931, for Eddie has been sending music out over the air waves ever since. When Breakfast Club was born on June 23, 1933, Eddie Ballantine was playing trumpet in our band of which he is now the director. I guess that 26 years of close daily association gives me the right to speak my piece about this fine musician who is also a mighty fine guy. Many thousands more are still growing up marching around the breakfast table to the music of Eddie Ballantine's Band. If, as the old saying goes, everyone loves a band, then the ones who listened to Ballantine's Band are mighty lucky because we think it's the best. I hope this wonderful album of marches will find a spot in your heart as warm and tender as our is for Ballantine and the music he delivers.

March Around The Breakfast Table
March Of The Sugar Plummers
Toreador March
Parade Of The Silver Trumpets
Santa Claus Parade
Make American Proud Of You
Look Ma, They're Coming Down The Street
Star Of Alaska
Reveille Blues March
The Camels Are Coming
Hip Hip
Big Ben

Carnival Fantastico - Saxsambistas Brasileiros

Na Baxia Do Sapaterio (Bahia)
Carnival Fantastico
Saxsambistas Brasileiros
Recorded In Brazil
Epic LF 18019

Nice light pop space age Latin featuring no jacket information on The Saxsambistas Brasileiros.

Samba Fantastico
Aquarela Do Brasil (Brazil)
Flying Down To Rio
Dark Eyes (Olhos Negros)
South American Way
Na Baixa Do Sapateiro (Bahia)
A Felicidade
Nao Tenho Lagrimas (Come To The Mardi Gras)
Santa Lucia

Snake Creek Diversion Project By The Falconaries

Hey, Jude
Snake Creek Diversion Project
By The United States Air Force Academy Falconaires
Columbia Record Productions Hollywood

From the back cover: Music for the teenager and the "now" generation has never been attempted by military bands. There is a need for it, not only for the cadet's here at the Air Force Academy, but also for the young fighting man serving in the armed forces today. The "Falconaires" (Snake Creek Diversion Project) have become apart of the current scene musically, by playing up-to-date sounds for the cadets at their social functions and for servicemen overseas by way of the Armed Forces Radio Network.

On this album, the "Falconaires" present an entertainment spectrum that we hope will create a greater public understanding of the military and of the Air Force Academy.

Also from the back cover: …If you play this album expecting to hear a remake of "John Philip Sousa Marches On", forget it. What you are going to hear are 12 groovy tracks performed right in step with today." – Mark Lindsey, Paul Revere and the Raiders

Big Mamma Cass
Little Green Apples
Mr. Businessman
Without Her
I Dig Rock 'N' Roll Music
Memphis Soul Stew
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
With A Little Help From My Friends
Hey, Jude
Mrs. Robinson
What The World Needs Is Love

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pre-School Sing And Dance Volume Four

Injun Joe
Pre-School Sing And Dance Volume Four
Words And Music By Les Williams
Q.T. Records Q.T.L.P 516

From the back cover: Les Williams: A most versatile dancer and teacher has devoted a lifetime to dance. Interrupted only when he served Uncle Sam in World War Two as a bombardier. Les lectures in numerous colleges throughout the United States on American Dance. He has toured the country from coast to coast with Dance Caravan and has operated his own very successful dance studio in California for many years.

The Big Hello
Goin' To The Seashore
Banjo Bill
If A Rabbit Could Talk
Broomstick Buckaroo
Injun Joe
Popcorn Polka
Watch Me Spell
Circus In The Sky
WOW-EE, Look At Me
It's My Turn Now
I Get Fidgety Feet
Paulette My Poodle
Music Tickles My Toes

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Living Trio Plays TV And Motion Picture Music

Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
Living Trio Plays TV And Motion Picture Music
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
RCA Camden CAS-2210
Bonnie And Clyde
We Will Find A Way
To Sir, With Love
Give A Little More
Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
The Glory Of Love
Live For Life
Braverman's Waltz
I'm So Glad I Can Fly
Who Needs Wings To Fly?