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Friday, August 3, 2012

Hits A' Poppin'

Ghost Riders In The Sky
Hits A' Poppin'

A record so budget that nowhere on the jacket or record label is the name of the label printed.

One clue might be the name of the studio group (found on the record label): The Promenade Orchestra And Chorus. However, that doesn't mean that this is a "Promenade" label product or the songs were covered by any one session group. The tunes, however, are covers. I pick up albums like this because the cover art can be fun and you never know what treasures are to be found on them.

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet
Electronic Music By Louis And Bebe Barron
MGM Soundtrack
Planet Records PR-001

Forbidden Planet (released in 1956) could be my favorite science fiction film of all time. The story, the art direction and effects are outstanding and still amaze me today. I was also transfixed through the years by the soundtrack. The soundtrack, the first full electronic score for a movie, was realized by a husband and wife team, Louis and Bebe Barron. The story behind the soundtrack and why it wasn't released (for the first time) until 1976 can be found on the Forbidden Planet Wiki page.

This is a terrific electronic recording was made eight long years before the Moog synthesizer was inventive. I like electronic music from this period because it sounds more "organic" to me.

So I was excited when I stumbled across this autographed copy. I've seen one other copy signed in green marker this way. I was wondering what the notation "Copy #724" in the upper left corner might mean? Was there a signing session and the Barron's numbered copies?

Anyone Can Play The Bongos

Anyone Can Play The Bongos
Willie Rodriguez With Chuck Sagle And His Orchestra
Epic BN 583

The only time I ever got myself into trouble blogging is when I posted a ventriloquist instructional record and suggested that, in no way, was the skill "as easy to learn" from the recording as claimed by the marketing copy on the cover. But apparently you can learn how to do that thing while listening to that record... and a few ventriloquists let me know it.

Not to make the same mistake twice... I'm sure many bongo players learned how to play from this record even though the concept of understanding a visual motion construct by way of a recorded instruction seems to me to be next to impossible.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Shadow Of Your Smile - The Wilson Lewes Trio

The Breeze And I (mono)
The Breeze And I (Stereo)
The Shadow Of Your Smile
The Wilson Lewes Trio
Diplomat Records D2378 & DS2378

Obscure album featuring seven extended small combo jazz tracks by a session group(?). The Trio apparently made about three albums for Diplomat including one sporting a fabulous and cheesy "secret agent" cover.

The Shadow Of Your Smile
The Peanut Vendor
What A Difference A Day Made
The Breeze And I

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Current Set Of Standards - Billy Vaughn

Lonely Is The Name
A Current Set Of Standards
Billy Vaughn
Producers - Billy Vaughn and Bunny Robyn
Arranger Milt Rodgers
Dot Records
DLP 25882

Here's is an example of one of Vaugh's better light pop albums. The vibe is a little uneven from track to track. Check out Vaughn's album titled The Windmills Of You Mind for a surprisingly groovy sound.

The Guy's In Love With You
Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby
Cross-eyed Cyclops
The Look Of Love
Mrs. Robinson
Indian Lake
A Man Without Love
Lonely Is The Name
Little Green Apples
I'll Catch The Sun
Spanish Pearls