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Friday, February 10, 2017

Waltzes You Saved For Me - Wayne King

Dreamers Cloth
Waltzes You Saved For Me
Wayne King and His Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM-1186

From the back cover: He (King) got his big chance at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. He had welded his orchestra around the principle that people wanted to dance, and dance to simple, easy, lovable waltzes. But it was in the 1920's – the Roaring Twenties – and it hardly seemed possible that a people bent on one wild spree after another would take to such a tame affair as the waltz. As he stood on the bandstand that first night, Wayne recalls that he was scared stiff and very much afraid that he and his band would go over with a dull thud.

"We gave them a taste of it that night," Wayne says, "– a waltz. Then a pair of them. Later I summoned up the courage to take my saxophone in hand and ad lib through a whole series of soft, sweet melodies. At first the crowd seemed puzzled. I saw a couples exchange glances: 'What's he trying to do?" But when the evening was over the jury was in." The crowd had gone for Wayne King and his waltz music. He had gone over with a bang. The proof? Wayne King and his orchestra stayed at the Aragon from 1927 to 1935.

Wayne was started on his musical career at the age of sixteen by his father, who gave him a clarinet and a self-instruction book, and told him to see what he could pick up himself. Wayne mastered the instrument quickly and to such an extent that he managed to earn the major share of his expenses when he attended Valparaiso University by playing in a nearby dance band. When he left college he tired various jobs, from insurance salesman to theater work, before organizing his own orchestra. Del Lampe, the famous orchestra leader, picked King and his band to play at the Aragon; and it was there, during his long stay, that he earned the nickname, "The Waltz King."

The Waltz You Save For Me
I Love You Truly
Three O'Clock In The Morning
Alice Blue Gown
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
La Golondrina
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
Dreamer's Cloth
When You're In Love

Like Love - Andre Previn

Falling In Love Again
Like Love
Andre Previn
His Piano and Orchestra
Columbia CL 1437

At least some tracks from this set are available from online vendors, but scattered across a number of compilations.

From the back cover: Born in Germany in 1929, Andre Previn began his musical training in Europe and continued in the United States after his arrival in 1939, numbering Castelnuovo-Tedeco among his teachers. Apart from two years in the Army, he has been writing film scores since 1949, and has been nominated three times for an Academy Award, winning the Award in 1959 for his musical scoring of Gigi. "Like Love" presents Andre Previn in his debut on Columbia Records, as pianist, conductor, arranger and composer and displays his amazing inventiveness in all four roles. That it also provides endlessly delightful listening need no emphasis at all; such rewards are understood when the pianist is like Previn.

From Billboard - May 30, 1960: Previn, who left his former label soon after a pop single hit, "Like Young," bows on Columbia with a selection of tunes about love. The title tune has much the construction of "Like Young," with the piano setting up an interesting figure with strings moving in for the melodic content. The other numbers, like "Falling In Love Again," "In Love In Vain," etc., similarly feature Previn's unique style, abetted by banks of strings in the big oak backing. A lot of nice programming fare here and the set can find a solid demand.

Like Love
When I Fall In Love
I Wish I Were In Love Again
Falling In Love Again
In Love In Vain
Nothin' To Do With Love
Love Is Here To Stay
Love Me Or Leave Me
Looking For Love
At Love Last Love
Like Someone In Love
I Love A Piano

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moon Man - Charles Lloyd

Heavy Karma
Moon Man
Charles Lloyd
Produced by Charles Lloyd
All songs published by Roho Music
Engineered by Henry Lewy
Album design concept by Eric Sherman
Cover photography courtesy of World Wide
Inside photography by Bryant Henry
Art Direction by John C LePrevost
Kapp Records KS-3634

Group: Charles Lloyd - Michael Cohen - Ken Jenkins - Zitro - Ned Doheny - Bob Jekins

A blend of a number of pop/rock/avant grade influences on side one followed by a long freeform jazz piece on side two that eventually slides back into the conceptualism that dominates the majority of project, as heard in the sample above, using a spacey vocal passage to help connect elements.

From Billboard - September 12, 1970: Charles Lloyd first came into sight as a jazzman with the Cannonball Adderley group, then he formed his own quartet still playing jazz and attracted the attention of the Filmore jazz circuit who dug into his avant grade happenings. Now Lloyd has switched into the rock energy and come up with a rock album that contains his own music and lyrics. Good etherial product, part jazz, a lot of rock and much heavy.

I Don't Care What You Tell Me
Sweet Juvenia
Heavy Karma
Moonman II

Swingin' Down The Lane - Ralph Burns

Swingin' Down The Lane
Swingin' Down The Lane
Ralph Burns And His Orchestra
Produced by Ernie Altschuler
Cover photo: Columbia Records Photo Studio – Henry Parker
Epic LN 24015

From the back cover: Ralph Burns, a native Bostonian, attended the famed New England Conservatory of Music. Early in his career, he established an enviable name for himself as pianist-arranger for such top bandleaders as Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Charlie Barnet and Red Norvo. Since then he has conducted for such outstanding vocalist as Johnny Mathis and Tony Bennett.

From Billboard - September 8, 1968: Here's a mighty refreshing excursion into typical big band sound, with Ralph Burns, veteran arranger, contributing some standout scoring for the ensemble. Among other things, Burns offers here the first instrumental scoring of the Tony Bennett hit, "San Francisco," and this track along with "West Side Waltz." "It Happened in Monterey" and "The Band (Billboard spelling) and the Beautiful," can grab plenty of jockey spins.

West Side Waltz
Ebb Tide
I'm Thru With Love
I'll Get By
The Bad And The Beautiful
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
It Happened In Monterey
Chopin Etude Op. 10
Mean To Me
Swingin' Down The Lane

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Easy Listening - The Three Suns

By The Waters Of Minnetonka

Easy Listening
The Three Suns With Orchestra
Arranger: Marty Gold and Sid Ramin
RCA Victor LPM 1316

From Billboard - November 10, 1956: There's no question about the success of this package. As a previous "Save on Records" special, its momentum is bound to carry thru. With the Three Suns in top form, backed with good ork sound, in the tricky arrangements of Marty Gold and Sid Ramin, the dozen items pack top-flight listening content. As usual, most of their numbers are solid standards with arrangement face-lifting. Naturally, there's great jock stuff here.

Change Partners
All Of Me
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Easy Listening
Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Down Home Rag
Say It With Music
The Wood-Pecker Song
Making Whoopee
Happy Face Baby
By The Waters Of Minnetonka

The Cinema Scene Today - Derek & Ray

Live For Life
The Cinema Scene Today
Derek & Ray
Arranged and Conducted by Marty Gold
Co-conducted by Sandy Block
Produced by Marty Gold
Mercury SR 61149

Theme From "The Fox"
Braverman's Waltz
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Valley Of The Dolls
You Only Live Twice
Tara's Theme
To Sir, With Love
O Ganso
More Than A Miracle
Talk To The Animals
Live For Life

Joe Hezoucky Orchestra With Vocals By Marie Danek

By The River Waltz
Joe Hezoucky Orchestra With Vocals By Marie Danek
Ray Records RRSLP 4055

This Evening Polka
Till We Meet Again Waltz
Jarmilka Polka
Three Three Polka
Roaring Mountains March
Nimble Annie Polka
Grandmother Dream Waltz
Don't Go To Sleep Yet Polka
Bells Of Lorette Waltz
By The Rive Waltz

Julita Ross

Seis Dias
Julita Ross
Claudio Ferrer Y Su Conjunto
Ansonia ALP 1256

From the back cover: Julita Ross was born in Arecibo and while still a child, moved to Santurce where she took part in musical shows presented by her school. She made personal appearances at various theaters and private functions and her professional debut was made on radio in Puerto Rico in 1940.

During the Second World War, she spent much of her time traveling with Abdias Villalonga and his orchestra. They toured the island of Puerto Rico entertaining the members of the armed forces stationed there.

In 1945, Julita left Puerto Rico to fulfill club engagements in New York. Her success was heightened by offers to appear in theaters and on radio. She was an overnight sensation and it was this year that she made her first phonograph records.

Her first big record was the Rafael Hernandez composition, "Diez Anos". Her recordings made such an impression on the public overseas that she was presented with contracts to make a personal tour. She gave various performances in Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Columbia and the Dominican Republic. One of her most liked recordings was the Claudio Ferrer composition "Aunque Me Llore.

Diez Anos
Me La Robaste
Noche De Boda
Dos Almas
No Nieues Que Me Quisiste
Miedo De Ti
Aunque Me Llore
Fichas Blancas
Mi Santa
Amor De Ayer
Seis Dias

Tito Rodriguez In Puerto Azul, Venezuela

Tito Rodriguez And His Orchestra
In Puerto Azul, Venezuela
Cover designed by Norman Art Studio, Chicago
United Artist Records UAS 6308

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

From the back cover: This album featured Tito and the boys at their best, playing tunes they performed at the Carcass Carnival (one of South America's pre-Lenten festivals, invitation only). Rodriguez's band won "most popular".

From Billboard - November 30, 1963: Rodriquez has had a number of sets on the UA label, all of which have created a sales stir. This latest program is a duplication of that performance by the band last year in a Venezuela competition of 16 prominent Latin orks, a competition won by this very group. Most selections are smooth and danceable, with vocals, and are nicely paced as to tempo. Mambos, pachanges, cha chas and boleros are included.

Alma Llanera
Quando Estes Sola
El Criticon
Beso Extra├▒o
La Pollera Colora
El Piraguero
En Puerto Azul
No Suenes Despierto
Si Mi Corazon Buephiera
Charanga Con Bossa Nova
El Trompo
El Tirabuzon

In A Romantic Mood - Oscar Peterson

In A Romantic Mood
Oscar Peterson With Strings
With Orchestra Conducted by Russ Garcia
Cover Photo by Alex de Paola
Verve Records MGV-2002

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Excellent early lush strings conceptual mood product.

From the back cover: Peterson was born in Montreal, Canada, not much over 30 years ago. At five, he started out as a robust little trumpeter. But he was struck, at seven, with tuberculosis and spent a year in the hospital. At this point, he turned from the trumpet, with its heavy physical demands, to the piano and made astonishing progress. He became a professional pianist at 14, playing on a Montreal radio station. Later, after touring Canada with a band, he formed his own highly successful trio in Montreal. By now his fame was spreading rapidly, spilling over into the States.

From Billboard - May 19, 1956: Here's an off-beat Peterson package, spotlighting the talented jazz pianist for the first time against a background of lush, sweet strings provided by arranger-conductor Russ Garcia. It's an interesting blend, with pop as well as jazz potential and should be of particular use to deejays in search of romantic mood music programming with superior flavor. Peterson's swingy, tasteful piantistics are brilliantly showcased on such level standards as "Laura," " I Only Have Eyes For You," "Tenderly," and "A Sunday Kind Of Love." Eye-catching cover.

Stars Fell On Alabama
Black Coffee
The Boy Next Door
Our Waltz
I Thought About You
I Only Have Eyes For You
Stella By Starlight
A Sunday Kind Of Love
It Could Happen To You

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Accent On Bamboo - Tak Shindo

Accent On Bamboo
Big Band Standards With An Oriental Flavor
Arranged and Conducted by Tak Shindo
Produced by Ed Yelon
Capitol Records T14433

This set is available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Bright, creative big band arrangements accented, as advertised with Eastern and popular for the period, "exotica-sounding" flourishes.

For some reason after the jacket was printed, Capitol found it necessary to paste down, over top of 1/3 the back cover notes, an additional expanded track list.

From the back cover: Tak Shindo is one of Hollywood's busiest young musicians, with impressive arranging and composing credits in motion pictures and TV, as well as intensive study in and out of college under such outstanding teachers as moviedom's Miklos Rozza and Dr. Shigeo Kishibe of the University of Tokyo. A Nisei from Los Angeles, Take made good use of his talents in both music and languages during his three-year hitch in the U.S. Army. He was attracted to intelligence as a language instructor, and later served as a musical arranger and producer of GI shows for special services.

From Billboard September 5, 1960: A Hollywood Nisei, Take Shindo has a big band package here that fuses sound of the West and East. Material is danceable. "One Fine Day" (from "Madame Butterfly"), "String Of Pearls," "Cherokee" are included. Instruments include some which are rarely heard here, as 13-string zither, various chimes, gongs and Japanese xylophone.
Also see: Brass And Bamboo.

One Fine Day
Chattanooga Choo Choo
I Gotta Have You
It's So Peaceful In The Country
Portrait In Blue
A String Of Pearls
Happy In Love
For You
Kiss Me Again

Monday, February 6, 2017

Let's Dance The Society Waltzes - Michael Paige

American Waltz Medley
Let's Dance The Society Waltzes
Cotillion Waltzes for Champagne Dancing
With Michael Paige and His Society Orchestra
Produced by Tom Morgan
Capitol Records T1456

This is an obscure album and perhaps it would be best to leave it that way. Yes, that's crowd noise you hear in the sample. The effect plays through the entire set as if your turntable needle is dirty or worn.

From the back cover: He (Paige) has been playing music for dancing ever since he finished school and joined the famous Orville Knapp orchestra, remembered and respected as the first of the great society orchestras. Today, he has one of the most successful and satisfying society orchestras of his own. The has played at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston, the Lord Baltimore in Baltimore, the Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, the Rice in Houston, the Ambassador in Los Angeles, and practically every other top hotel in the country.

Fallin In Love With Love
European Medley (Vilia, Liberstraum)
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Viennese Medley (Artist's Life, Gold and Silver, Sari)
It's Most Unusual Day
American Waltz Medley (A Bicycle Built For Two, The Band Played On, After The Ball)
Hello Young Lovers
Where Did We Go? Out.
Over The Waves
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Sound Stage Hi-Fi Music From Hollywood - Paul Weston

Duel In The Sun
Sound Stage
Hi-Fi Music From Hollywood
Paul Weston And His Orchestra
Columbia Records CL 612

Beautifully orchestrated lush strings mood set.

Music From "Gone With The Wind" (Tara's Theme)
Love Letters
Indiscretion from "Indiscretion On An American Wife"
Duel In The Sun
The Song Of Bernadette
Music from "Quo Vadis"
Since You Went Away
Ruby from "Ruby Gentry"
Autumn In Rome from "Indiscretion Of An American Wife"
Music from "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Jennie's Song from "Portrait Of Jennie"
Music from "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rendezvous With Camarata

Pizzicato Rhumba
Rendezvous With Camarata and His Orchestra
Vocalion VL 3660

Paris Interlude
Haunted Ballroom
Cascade Of Stars
All I Desire
Brief Interlude
Theme From Swedish Rhapsody
High On Windy Hill
Pizzicato Rhumba
Mademoiselle De Paris

Any Time - Hal Mooney

Any Time
Selections From Around The Musical Horoscope
Hal Mooney And His Orchestra
Mercury Records Wacker Series
MG 20175 & SR 60073

From Billboard - August 24, 1959: Mooney serves up 12 original themes, depicting the signs of the Zodiac – "Pisces," "Scorpio," "Leo," etc. Moods of instruments vary with characteristics of various signs – as detailed in the liner notes – and style is semi-classic. Interesting item for astrology students.

Pete Rugolo is noted on the back cover as "Mercury Recording Director".