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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hawaiian Magic - Johnny Oahu

Tahu Wahu Wahi

Hawaiian Magic
Johnny Oahu & His Orchestra
Photography Courtesy Of United Air Lines
Cover Design: Pastarnack/Richee
International Award Series

Aloha Oe
Ua Like Noa Like
Pretty Mermaid Of The Souther Sea
Tahu Wahu Wahi
One, Two, Three, Four
Hilo March
My Hawaiian Kula La Ni
Kila Kila Haleakala
Aloha Oe E Kuu Lei

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tom And Jerry - Guitar's Greatest Hits

Green Onions
Tom And JerryGuitar's Greatest Hits
Arranged by Bill Justis
Mercury WC 16332

One of, apparently, four albums Tommy Tomlison and Jerry Kennedy made for Mercury. This is "Volume II". I blogged their first release that features a rocking cover of Caravan. You can find additional links on that page.

This is another engaging effort that features a blend of approaches.

From the back cover: Born 12 years apart and following separate musical careers until Mercury teamed them to record Golden Wildwood Flower (which became their first hit), Tom and Jerry had little in common except their home state, Louisiana, and their virtuosity on the guitar.

Songs Of The South Seas

Wiki Wiki Mai
Songs Of The South Seas
Played By Popular Hawaiian Orchestra
Audition AUD-33-5930

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flutes And Percussion - Hal Mooney

Summertime (Stereo)

Maria (Mono)

Flutes And Percussion
Arranged and Conducted by Hal Mooney
Artist & Repertorie Director: Bob Shad
Original Recording Engineers: Frank Abbey & Earle Brown
Re-Recording Engineer: Victor Brainard
Mastering: Saul Kessler
Liner Notes: Nat Hentoff
Album Coordination: Arpean Spargo
Album Design: Murray Stein
Time Series 2000 
52001 & S/2001

Personnel and Instrumentation:

The following were the musicians who performed on Maria, Moonglow, Comes Loe, Mountain Greenery, Let There Be Love and Liza:

Walt Leinsky - Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Stan Webb - Flute, Alto Flute, Oboe & English Horn
Don Hammond: Flute, Alto Flute & Bass Flute
Phil Bodner - Flute
Dave Kurtzer - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Bassoon
Romeo Penque - Flute & Alto Flute
Wallace Richardson - Fender Bass
Moe Wexler - Celeste & Piano 
George Duvivier - Bass
Phil Kraus - Percussion
Eddie Costa - Vibes, Xylophone, Bells, Marimba & Chimes
Barry Galbraith - Guitar

On Moonlight Becomes You, My Reverie, Small World, Summertime, The Best Thing For You and Little Girl Blue the following performed

Waltz Levinsky - Flute & Alto Flute
Al Klink - Flute & Alto Flute
Stan Webb - Flute & Alto Flute
Stan Webb - Flute, Alto Flute, Oboe & English Horn
Don Hammond - Flute, Alto Flute & Bass Flute
Moe Wexler - Piano, Celeste & Organ
Milt Hinton - Bass
Ted Sommer - Percussion
Bob Rosengarden - Bongos
Eddie Costa - Vibes, Xylophone & Bells
John Pizzarelli - Guitar

From Billboard - July 11, 1960: A handsome exhibit of top-notch recording techniques. The instrumentation consists of woodwinds, mainly flutes, with chimes, bongos, drums and numerous other percussion cleverly scored for maximum stereo effects. Tunes are familiar for the most part – "Maria," "Little Girl Blue," "Moonlight Becomes You," etc. – but they are certainly given new and unique voicings. A quality package of sound that can find a healthily market.

My Reverie
Mountain Greenery
Little Girl Blue
The Best Thing For You
Moonlight Becomes You
Comes Love
Let There Be Love
Small World

More Brass - Kai Winding

Walk On The Wild Side
More Brass
Kai Winding
Produced By Creed Taylor
Verve V/V6-8657

From the back cover: Ranked by leading jazz authority Leonard Feather as "one of the major trombone products of bop, a pace setter in 1945 and still a major (jazz) influence," trombonist Kai Winding has spent the past three years doubling in brass as leader of his own instrumental combo and musical director of Playboy's Manhattan hutch (...since signing on as Playboy's Top Trombone in 1962).

This recording featuring outstanding engineering. The music is smooth and cool light pop or big band swing jazz instrumentals to include several male choral vocal tunes. The featured sample is the more energetic/space age tune found on the LP.

September Song
Walk On The Wild Side
It's All Right

Star Dust
Stella By Starlight
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cugat Plays Continental Hits

Cugat Plays Continental Hits
Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra
Mercury Records f:35d Perfect Presence Sound PSS 6021

Hot Cha! I've said this before, Cugat is my favorite space age Latin music maker. This album is another shinning example of great period lounge with the track titled Apache going above and beyond the call of cool. Cugat could have done an entire album with approach and it would be a total classic today.

And of course, Mercury's engineering from this period is top notch.

Mack The Knife
Petite Fleur
Never On A Sunday
Sucu Sucu
The 3rd Man Theme
Wonderland By Night
The Poor People Of Paris
Come Prima

rePercussion - David Carroll


David Carroll And His Orchestra
Mercury SR 60029


Dale Anderson - WGN Studios, Chicago
Hugh Anderson - NBC-TV, Chicago
Harry  Brabec - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Gill Breines - Chicago  Symphony Orchestra
Bobby Christian - Radio, TV, Orchestra Leader - Formerly ABC Staff, N.Y. Paul Whiteman, etc.
Sam Denov - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Norm Jeffries - WGN Studios, Chicago
Ed Metzenger - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Morrie Lishon - CBS Studios, Chicago
Jim Ross - Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Frank Rullo - Radio, TV, Recordings - Formerly ABC-TV, Chicago
Dick Schory - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Ludwig Drum Co.
Bob Tilles - CBS Studios, Chicago

Caesar Giovanini - NBC Studios, Kukla, Fran & Ollie
Robert Acri - CBS Studios, Chicago

Earl Backus - Radio, TV, Recordings - ABC Studio
Johnny Gray - ABC-TV, Chicago

Bass Violin:
Mel Schmidt - CBS Studios, Chicago

Peter Eagle - CBS Studios, Chicago

Flute & Bass Clarinet:
Mike Simpson - CBS Studios, Chicago

Piccolo & Alto Sax:
Hobart Grimes - CBS Studios, Chicago

Complete Instrumentation Used In Album:

Large Gong
3 Orchestra Bells
3 Chinese Wood Blocks
2 Oriental Cymbals
3 Vibraphones
13 Pairs of Hand Cymbals
2 Chinese Tom Toms
3 Tambourines 
2 Pairs of Claves
2 Glockenspiels
1 Casabel
1 Tubular Shaker
2 Conga Drums
Assorted Cow Bells
1 Piccolo Snare Drum
1 Large Bass Drum
8 Tympani 
1 Harp
2 Guitars
Small Gong
5 Temple Blocks
4 Pairs of Finger Cymbals
3 Xylophones
2 Marimbas
4 Tuned Tom Toms
1 Pair of Castanets
2 Triangles 
6 Hight Hat Cymbals
2 Bongos
1 Large Cow Bell
3 Pair Maracas
1 Tuned Log
6 Snare Drums
1 Field Drum
1 Set of Trap Drums
2 Sets of Chromatic Chimes
1 Piano
1 Bass Viol

From Billboard - February 16, 1959: Here's an excellent sound package for stereo and hi-fi addicts, a sequel to Carroll's "Percussion in Hi-Fi" album, this LP spotlights a different category of percussion instruments on each selection. Cuban percussion instruments on "The Peanut Vendor," Chinese percussion instruments on "Chinatown My Chinatown," etc. A strong entry with excellent performances by standout percussionists.

Chinatown By Chinatown
La Paloma
Bells And Little Bells
Maria Cha - Cha
Dizzy Fingers
George Washington Slept Here
The Bell's Of St. Mary's
Xylo - Calypso
First Call

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Young Folk '72

Ticket To Ride
The Young Folk '72
Edmar Records ELPS 1114
Distributed in Bermuda by Harrington Hundreds, Bermuda
Distributed by Caravan Records Sales LTD. Albert, ONT.

From the back cover: The leader of The Young Folk is Gary Simons, he is also an accomplished songwriter having written four selections on this L.P. The group have only been together for one year and things are beginning to happen for them.

Simons age is listed as 17 on the back cover. Group member ages range from 15 to 19.

The album came with a Caravan marketing flyer featuring the Edmar catalog of island flavored acts. It's hard to fathom how The Young Folk fit into the Edmar family of recording artists.

One sample track above, Purple, was written by Simons.

Catch The Wind
California Dreaming
Ticket To Ride
Until It's Time For You To Go
He's Everything To Me
Drummer Boy
My Home Town