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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Renata Tebaldi As Tosca

Renata Tebaldi As Tosca
London Records 5280

I'm not into this music form, but I love vintage London Record cover art. Photo credit: Sedge Le Blang.

The Mystic Moods Of Love Orchestra

The Mystic Moods Of Love
The Mystic Moods Orchestra
Philips PHS 600-260

You can read all about Brad Miller and Mystic Moods on Space Age Pop.

Miller combined sound effects with his brand of mood. Rain effects starts off this LP and Miller let's it storms all the way through the LP. According to the notes Miller recorded these effects just for this project. At first I thought all the rain would be annoying but the layering of music and sound effects creates a pleasant and interesting mood. The sound effects help blend one track into another. The blending of tracks is an appealing technique that creates more of a single soundscape.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Eddie Layton - Organ Sounds & Percussion

Ebb Tide
Eddie Layton
Organ Sounds & Percussion
Perfect Presence Sound
Mercury Records PPS 6029

The Voice Of Miliza Korjus

Delibes Lakme (Bell Song)
The Voice Of Miliza Korjus

This LP has a bit of a "hollywood soundtrack" flare to it. Korjus did work in a number of films. She was nominated for the Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress for her first film appearance in The Great Waltz (1938).

Of note, in 1944 or thereabouts she settled in Los Angeles and founded Venus Records so that she could release her earlier recordings.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

8 Top Hits 3318 - Enoch Light Label

I Want You To Be My Baby (Trudy Richards)
8 Top Hits
Waldorf Music Hall Records
MH 3318
10 inch 33 RPM

One in the series of budget records created exclusively for Woolworths Department Stores.

MH 3318 featuring a different jacket design