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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Percussion In Hi-Fi - David Carroll

Discussion In Percussion (Mono)

Discussion In Percussion (Stereo)

Percussion In Hi-Fi
An Adventure In Sound
Conducted By David Carroll
Mercury MG 20166 1956 (mono) SR 60003 1958 (stereo)

Instruments: Vibraphones, marimbas, xylophones, tympani, tam-tam, celesta, glockenspiel, orchestra bells, castanets, tom-toms, triangle, maracas, bass drum, traps, greco cymbals, hand cymbals, claves, cathedral chimes, snare drum, tambourine, conga drum, guiro, cabaza, timbales, bongo drums and field drum.

Percussionists: Dale Anderson, Hubert Anderson, Bobby Christian, Sam Denov, Harry Brace and Frank Rullo.

Additional musicians: Piano - Caesar Giovannini and Robert Acri. Contrabass - Harold Siegel. Harp - Peter Eagle. Guitars - Earl Backus and John Gray

From the back cover: When all these instruments were assembled June 5, 1956 in Studio A of Universal Recording Corporation, Chicago, they filled the room almost to overflowing. Engineer Bill Putnam outdid himself with a fine job of mike placement and balance, achieving the superlative presence and separation which captures these diverse sounds so faithfully on this record.

From Billboard - November 3, 1956: A must for hi-fi fans, David Carroll exploits the vast range of an extensive percussion section – spotlights 26 different instruments – from the glockenspiel and cabaza to castanets, xylophones and bongo drums. Selections, many written specially for the package, include "Chimes Of Swing," "Discussion In Percussion," " Hell's Bells," and Lecuona's vivid "Jungle Drums," featuring the piccolo xylophone.

Hell's Bells (Orchestrated by Mike Simpson)
Bali Ha'i (Arranged by Carl Stevens)
The Chimes Of Swing (Composed and Scored by Frank Rullo)
MalagueƱa (Scored by Carl Stevens)
Discussion In Percussion (Arranged by Mike Simpson)
The Cricket (Composed and Arranged by Mike Simpson)
Jungle Drums (Arranged by Bobby Christian)
Spanish Symphonique (Composed and Arranged by Bobby Christian)