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Friday, September 10, 2010

Echoes Of Budapest - George Feyer

George Feyer
Echoes Of Budapest
Vox VX 25.450

From Billboard - August 13, 1955: Most dealers need not be reminded of the potent sales history of Feyer's "Echoes" series. Tho none has sold as well, probably, as the fabulous Paris package, the first in the set, each succeeding entry has done exceedingly well over the counter. Here is another, and the pianist's imaginative touch is applied generously to mostly familiar material in the Hungarian tradition. Should be a moneymaker.

Cask Egy Kislány (Just One Girl)
Minek A Szöke (I Don't Care For Blondes)
Vörösbort Ittam Az Este (I Drank Red Wine Last Night)
Quick Czardas
Am The Village Rascal
Hungarian Dance No. 5
Sari Valse
Lavotta's Love
Rakoczy March
Play Gypsy, Play
Take Me In Your Arms
Roumanian Gypsy - Fantasie
I Am Courting A Beautiful Lady
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Music For Dining - The Melachrino Strings

September Song
Moods In Music
Music For Dining
The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM-1000

RCA offers another great Moods In Music LP with a cool space age cover and odd title. I blogged Music For Reading in another recent post. I found it curious that RCA was attempting to niche market albums as if certain household activities needed specific music to go with them and that you, as consumer, couldn't figure out what music would best go with your meatloaf.

Also, I wondered what George Melachrino must have felt having his work relegated only to reading or meatloaf consuming.

From the back cover: Perhaps your dinner lacks a few of the courses just mentioned; perhaps it's prepared in a one-room apartment and not in the kitchen at Maxim's. Perhaps the china isn't Wedgewood and the wine hails from California. But whatever the circumstances, Melachino's romantic music will enrich your evening beyond measure.

California wines suck?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Music For Reading - The Melachrino Strings

Dream Of Olwen (LPM-1002)
Mood Music
Music For Reading
The Melachrino Stings And Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM/LPS-1002

One of a number of Melachrino Strings albums in this series of mood music created to with something you might do at home, like reading. Curious marketing. I wonder how successful the series was for RCA?

Clair De Lune
Dreams Of Olwen
Song Of My Love
Waltz In C-Sharp Minor
Flirtation Waltz
Love's Roundelay

Riot In Rhythm - Henri Rene

Riot In Rhythm
Henri Rene And His Orchestra
RCA Victor

Groovy space age cover on this Rene album. The music is also has a nice space age vibe to it and does not take itself too seriously. Hansel And Pretzel is goofy fun. The track, When The Day Is Done, is more laid back and exotica. Some tracks are big band with "space age" percussion layered on top to help update the song. The track Mangos, on the B side is a quirky space age thing with a cool female vocal  lead in and lead out. Another track titled Blah-Blah-Blah has a male vocal with lyrics that totally makes fun of big band love ballads. Very funny.

I've got Rene's album titled "Passion In Paint" (RCA 1955). The cover is collectible but the music is pretty plain. By the time Rene got around to this project he had loosened up big time. This is a cool album to collect.

Why the designer found it necessary to hyphenate the word "Orchestra" on the cover, I don't know? Some questions may never be answered.

This LP can be found on a CD import titled "Compulsion To Swing In Rhythm".

The Magic Of Hawaii

The Magic Of Hawaii
Sounds Of A Thousand Strings
With The Voices Of Hawaii
Robert Krewson Conducting
Crown Records CLP 5163

Terrific exotica album made magical by the haunting "Voices Of Hawaii". Covers of classics tunes like Beyond The Reef and Hawaiian War Chant.

George Shearing - Concerto For My Love

Portrait Of Jennie

Concerto For My Love
George Shearing
Arrangements by George Shearing
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh and Tom Morgan
Cover Photo: Capitol Studio - George Jerman
Capitol Records ST 1755

From Billboard - September 15, 1962: Another in Capitol's periodic showcasing of pianist Shearing against a lush, romantic backing of string-filled orchestra and the kind of "Ah"-singing chorus you hear in the end title of super-budget movies. This time, the tunes all have the word "love" in the titles (exception: "A Portrait Of Jennie") and the mood is one of shimmering romance. A fine album for mood programing. Typical track in this vein is Shearing's tender treatment of a Charles Trenet oldie, "I Wish You Love."

Portrait Of Jennie
I'm In The Mood For Love
Answer Me, My Love
I Wish You Love
Love Letters 
I Fall In Love Too Easily
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
Portrait Of My Love
P.S. I Love You
Lady Love Be Mine
In Love In Vain
Love Child

George Shearing - When The Lights Are Low

When Light Are Low
George Shearing Quintet
M-G-M E3264

Lovely Shearing album with surprise vocals on a few tracks by Teddi King.

King is unmentioned on the jacket, but is credited on the label. Her "Wikipedia" story mentions that she toured with Shearing for several years beginning in the summer of 1952. She was only 48 when she passed away in 1977.

Ferrante & Teicher - Album Covers

This full color cover predates the monochromatic version shown below
Soundblast - 1956
 This is the stereo release of the mono version of Soundproof as seen below
Soundproof - 1956
Even though this cover image (for the stereo release) is the same as the mono release and two sets feature a different track list.
Ferrante and Teicher With Percussion - 1958
Blast Off! - 1959
Twin Pianos - Stereo
Twin Pianos - Mono
Latin Pianos - 1960
Pianos In Paradise - 1962
The Enchanted World Of Ferrante & Teicher - 1964
Ferrante & Teicher
The Twin Piano Magic Of Ferrante & Teicher - Vol. 2 - 1966
Star Wars - 1978
On this page, I'll be collecting together Ferrante & Teicher covers that I run across. These are all albums from my collection.

George Shearing - Latin Lace

Latin Lace
George Shearing Quintet
Capitol Records T1082

Another great cover and another great light jazz/mood album from Shearing. I think this LP is an exceptionally good Shearing effort. The music still seems fresh and modern today.

George Shearing Capitol Album Covers

Velvet Carpet - 1956
Black Satin - 1957
Latin Escapade - 1957
Latin Lace - 1958
Blue Chiffon - 1958
Satin Brass - 1960
White Satin - 1960
The Shearing Touch - 1960
Satin Affair - 1961
Mood Latino - 1961
Conerto For My Love - 1962
Night Mist - 1962
Burnished Brass - 1962
The Best Of George Shearing - 1964
Here & Now - 1965

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Taste Of Honey - Living Brass

The 3rd Man Theme
A Taste Of Honey And Other Favorites
Living Brass
The Swinging Sound Of Mexican Brass
Arranged and Conducted by Ray Martin
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Notes by Sheldon Toomer
RCA Camden CAS-949

The cover scan appears dark due to RCA's choice of reflective foil paper stock on which they overprinted the 4-color art (the scanner can't read foil correctly). A print job like this would have been an expensive project for the company's "budget" label.

A Taste Of Honey
South Of The Border
Some Enchanted Evening
Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma
The 3rd Man Theme
Happy Pierre
Heartaches By The Number
Never Too Young

Viva Cugat!

Viva Cugat!
Mercury Records PPS 2003

Excellent space age set from Xavier Cugat/Mercury featuring a wonderful book-fold jacket designed to compete with the same type of jackets Command was creating during this period. The engineering is also, like Enoch Light's label, outstanding. The clarity and depth of sound is something to hear.

From Billboard - January 30, 1961: The Latin sound of the Xavier Cugat ork here gets an all-out stereo presentation. The songs, for the most part, are familiar Latin melodies done in samba, rhumba and cha-cha styles. The stereo conception adds novel and attractive touches. Included are "Peanut Vendor," "Siboney," "Maria Elena" and "Poinciana." Set is attractively packed with gatefold containing descriptions of tunes, placement of instruments and explanations of effects.

Jungle Concerto
The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero)
Isle Of Capri
Tropical Merengue (Amanecer Tropical)
Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali)
Anna (El Negro Zumbon)
Maria Elena
Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)
Sai Si Si (Para Vigo Me Voy)

Ferrante & Teicher - Pianos In Paradise

Ferrante & Teicher
Pianos In Paradise
Orchestra Conducted By Nick Perito
United Artists Records UAS 6230

Another great mood album from Ferrante & Teicher with an exotica flare. African Echoes is on this LP as well as many tracks that are found on earlier F&T albums. Without reviewing, I'm not sure how many are straight re-released songs and or how many Nick Perito had something to do with. Maybe the Perito tracks are also repackaged on this set?

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Exciting Pianos Of Ferrante & Teicher

The Exciting Pianos Of Ferrante & Teicher
Pickwick SPC-3003

The album isn't found on any of the online Ferrante & Teicher discographies. One track is from Blast Off (1959).

Orchestra Gems

Ritual Fire Dance
Orchestra Gems
Sounds Of 1000 Strings
DynaDisc SCH-821

Obscure budget label Dyna-Disc offers up a vibrant cover on this collection of lush strings tracks by the equally obscure 1000 Strings.

Gypsy Romance Gypsy Fire

A Russian Fantasy
Gypsy Romance Gypsy Fire
Dyna Disc SCH-824

I can find no information on the Dyna Disc label. I think that there may have been an association with another budget label, Somerset. This record is a grab bag of tunes DynaDisc found laying around the office including a 101 Strings track (Dark Eyes). Another, much more obscure but very nice track is: A Russian Fantasy by Sania Poustylnicof.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Music Of Haiti - Orchestre Citadelle

Music Of Haiti
Orchestre Citadelle
IBO 106

Rene Diogene Directeur Orchestre Citadelle assisted by composer Luc Mondesir.

Orchestre Citadelle was apparently based in Port-au-Prince.