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Friday, January 27, 2012

Exotica - Ted Auletta And His Orchestra

Ted Auletta And His Orchestra
4:35 Channels
Cameo - SC 4008

From the June 30, 1962 issue of Billboard: Attractive and stylish arrangements of a fine collection of tunes could make this album a potent seller with stereo bugs. The arrangements are excellent for stereo and the sound is first-rate too. Strong wax here.

The stereo engineering is excellent.

Auletta's orchestra staff includes: Ted Auletta - piano/arranger/conductor, Phil Bodner - flute/alto flute, Frances Corsi - harp, Eddie Costa - vibraphone/marimba, Jack Lesserg - bass, Gary Chester - percussion, Danny Pucillo - percussion and Dennis Regor - bird calls

Quite Village
Adventure In Paradise
The Breeze And I
The Sound Of Exotica
Voodoo Moon
Jungle Drums
Pool Of Love
Return To Paradise

Caribbean Holiday - Lord Russell's Bongo Percussionists

Who Gonna Cry
Caribbean Holiday
Lord Russell's Bongo Percussionists
Vocals by Ernesto San Miguel

"Bongo Percussionists" is pushing the cover hype a bit. The vibe is nice but fairly traditional.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Rock And Roll

The Screwdriver #2
Steam Roller Blues
Let's Rock And Roll
Allegro 1704

Well, heck... this is a pretty wild set for Allergro, a budget label who usually pressed whatever they could find. It this case, they cobbled together a number of good tracks.

There are no artist credits on the jacket.

Kate Smith Salutes Composers Of The Now Generation

By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Here, There And Everywhere
Kate Smith Salutes Composers Of The Now Generation
RCA LSP-4105

From the back cover: Does Kate Smith know where it's at? You better believe it!

Budget Album Without A Title

We Can Work It Out
Modern Sound MS 1019

Here's another Modern Sound album that is so budget that MS couldn't afford a title or cover art (so the trashed cover really isn't much of a problem for me). As with the first MS album I found (featuring a cover of The Stones song Satisfaction)... the song covers can be interesting. There is something about these albums that works on some level... if you are into this budget stuff.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Super Hits 1974 - Volume 1

Seasons In The Sun
Super Hits 1974
Power Pak SA 258

Power Pak did their best to disguise the fact that the "real" artists weren't actually doing their "hits"on this album. Various artists means whoever they could find that sort of sounded like the actual, real artist.

I hoped this would be the case because, with a little luck, there are treasures to be found on the vinyl.