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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Continental Tangos

Tango Du Reve
Continental Tangos
Arturo Hernandez And His Orchestra
Fiesta FLP 1247

Ave Cantora
Meisterschafts Tango
Plaza De Toros
Sol Y Sombra
Du Schwarzer Zigeuner
Tango Du Reve
A Media Luz
El Bandoneon
Tango Habana

Friday, May 2, 2014

They Said It Couldn't Be Done! - But They Didn't Reckon With The Mighty Accordion Band

Jungle Fever
They Said It Couldn't Be Done!
But They Didn't Reckon With The Mighty Accordion Band
Capitol Records T1212

From the back cover: Eldorado accordions, custom built by La Tosca and distributed in this country by the Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company, were used in this recording. (The Eldorado was also used for the cover and the pictures shown here).

About the cover: Pictured in his Empire drawing room is Mr. Joseph Kong-Young, composer of "Concerto Untouched by Human Hands" (a Thinking Ape's Music), and advocate of Sound at its Most Simian. If you suspect trickery you are correct: Joseph is not really a gorilla; if he were to take off that phony gorilla suit, you'd see he's actually a very large gibbon. Among his other suites, Mr. Kong-Young is Vice President in charge of Turnover. Accordingly, he thanks you for turning this album over to find out what it was they said Couldn't Be Done.

Also for the back cover: Jungle Fever. This one opens with the harp, joined by the scratch-scratch of a guiro, and then by sections of accordions, which enter one at a time. Drums explode, and accordions start blazing. Towards the end, through, the fever subsides.

The Syncopated Clock
April In Paris
The Donkey Serenade
Swanee Cha River Cha
Boogie Woogie
La Vie En Rose
Jungle Fever
Beer Barrel Polka

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shades Of The Injunaries

Speak Lo
Shades Of The Injunaires

Moon Medley
You're The Cream In My Coffee
Speak Lo
Let's Do it, Let's Fall In Love
I'll Never Forget You
Darmouth Calypso - There Are No Women There
Blue Room
Standing On The Corner
My Funny Valentine
Arrivederci Roma
Moon Indigo

Silk Satin and 66 Strings - Georges Norman

Silk, Satin and Sixty-Six Strings
The Georges Norman Orchestra
Design Records/Division Of Pickwick Sales
DLP 39

Budget release, which recycles some tracks from the album titled The Enchanted Garden. However, it seems like Design's engineers ran the tracks through a reverb filter, possibly to help give the overall set some audio cohesion. It's hard to tell what was borrowed, what tracks are filler or what titles were sonically altered to complete either LP.

From the back cover: Here for the first time in America, DESIGN RECORDS is proud to present the artistry of a continental conductor-arranger of note. In this album of lush string phonic arrangements. George Norman brings to America the music that he has been delighting the continent with for over a decade. Georges was born in Marseille, France in 1921. Here he was subject to the color of the Mediterranean, the sailors, the ships, the cosmopolitan life of the traveler, the docks, and the magic of Southern France… always a panorama of color, gay music and mellow wine. He has chosen Laura by Dave Raskin and Johnny Mercer as his first American recording in honor of his lovely wife Laura Stephenson Norman. Laura is an American by birth. She met Georges while she was traveling with a USO show after the Second World War. He had recently been released from duty with the resistance forces and was trying to assemble a band. He heard Laura singing at Camp Lucky Strike; an American assembly area on the southwest coast of France and offered to help her with some of her arrangements. It wasn't long before the two fell in love and Laura (after completing her tour) return to France to marry Georges. They have two children, Pierre and Zizi and live comfortably in a little home on the Cote D' Azur. The orchestra Georges conducts here is the same organization that he leads at the Montparnasse nightclub where he plays dance music for Paris' elite. Noel Pinsult, France's leading music critic has called this musical group "the symbol of the Paris heart." There is a certain joy that you can only feel when you are in Paris. A blanket of happiness that envelops you the moment you step from your plane at Orly airport.

White Lilacs
Treasure Waltz
Oh Lovely May
Alone Together
When The Citron's Bloom
Dancing In The Dark
Wine, Women And Song
The Nearness Of You
Morning Journals

The Enchanted Garden - Michel Rene

Dancing In The Dark
The Enchanted Garden
Michel Rene And His Orchestra
Hollywood Records LPH 14

Treasure Waltz
Alone Together
Where The Citrons Bloom
Tales From The Vienna Woods
Picnic Theme
Oh, Lovely May
April In Paris
Wine, Women and Song
Dancing In The Dark
Morning Journals
When The White Lilacs Bloom

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Music For Tired Lovers - Woody Herman - Erroll Garner

As Time Goes By
Music For Tired Lovers
Love Songs Sung by Woody Herman with Erroll Garner at the Piano
Accompanied by Wyatt Ruther, bass and Fats Heard, drums
Photograph: Alfred Gescheidt
Columbia Records CL 651

From the back cover: Woody's reaction to these sides is a follows; "In the past, when I've tried to sing in an intimate vein with a band, I often sounded too raucous, like I had a drank in my hand – it came out too boozy; I didn't quite make it."

"Here, we got feeling… musically Erroll and I really feel each other; we both played in our own groove, too, but it jelled."

"On most vocals, everybody's trying so hard… At one time or another. I've attempted to sing under all conditions. This to me, is the most advantageous result I've ever had.

If I Could Be With You
I'm Beginning To See The Light
As Time Goes By
After You've Gone
I'll See You In My Dreams
My Melancholy Baby
I Hadn't Anyone Till You
Let's Fall In Love
I Don't Know Why
You've Got Me Crying Again

Smash Hits

All You Need Is Love
Smash Hits
Music For Pleasure Ltd.
mfp/EMI Records

From the back cover: These then are 12 of the biggest smash hits for some of the finest solo and group stars on the pop scene, faithfully reproduced for your enjoyment so that you will find it difficult to tell the difference from the originals.

Watch What Happens - Chris Motez

Nothing To Hide
Watch What Happens
Chris Montez
Arranged and Produced by Nick De Caro
A&M Records SP 4157

Generally speaking, this is another fine album by Chris Montez, one of my favorite pop vocalists. But for some reason A&M decided it would be cool to overlay intrusive "live club" crowd noise on the A side tracks. Why not the B side? Thankfully not the B side.

Love Is Here To Stay
The Face I Love
I Will Wait For You
Watch What Happens
We'll Be Together Again
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Where Are You Now
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
Nothing To Love
The Look Of Love

Monday, April 28, 2014

12 For Two In Love - Fontanna

12 For Two In Love
Fontanna And His Orchestra
Masterseal ILS-33

Chopine's Nocturne
The Swan
Romance Of Tchaikovsky
Brahms Lullaby
Schubert's Serenade
Salute To Love
Toselli's Serenade
Serenade By Drigo

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shango! Night In A Quiet Village - Kip Anderson

Golden Earrings
Voodoo Moon
Night In A Quiet Village
Kip Anderson And The Tides
Produced and Arranged by Joe Cain
KAPP KL-1466

From the back cover: Organist Kip Anderson was born in Bocas Del Toro, Republic of Panama. He came to the United States while still in his teens and quickly became involved in a career that has encompassed the varied musical worlds of Latin America, the classics, jazz, calypso and the Broadway stage. He has recorded and appeared with many top artists such as Machito, Chita Rivera, Carmen McRae and many prominent rock and roll groups.

Stranger In Paradise
Adventures In Paradise
The Wayward Wind
Golden Earrings
The Hight And The Mighty
Stranger On The Shore
Jamaica Farewell
In The Port Of Missing Dreams
Voodoo Moon

Ping - Pong Percussive Polkas - Santiago And His Silver Strings

100 Strings Polka
Ping - Pong Percussive Polkas
Santiago And His Silver Strings
Coronet Records CXS 134

Where is the ping - pong? Where is the percussion? Let me check the record label to make sure that the correct disc came in the jacket. Yes…

From the back cover: Leading off with "The 100 String Polka (which, as you can tell front he track list, is the LAST song featured on the album), Santiago and His Silver Strings present you with twelve great polkas – all recorded in "Ping Pong Percussion Sound".

Complete budget fail.

New World Polka
Fiddle Polka
Potski Polka
Beer And Pretzels Polka
Carnival Polka
Kiss Me Polka
Moonlight Polka
Pollyana Polka
Gold Medal Polka
100 Strings Polka

Soulful - The Night Strings

Blue Stoned Eyes
Instrumental Love Machine
The Night Strings
Featuring Homer Dennison (Arranger)
Producer: Robert Byrne
Evolution 2011 Stereo

From the back cover: Soulful… Voluptuous… Passionate… Hot… Cool… That's the sound of The Night Strings – The instrumental love machine. It vibrates with the feel of today's songs… today's musical excitement. It rocks to the right beat. It cries out in soulful warmth… and sexy splendor. It's hot… and it's cool… because today, that's where it's at! The instrumental love machine has many voices… The rhythm and it's driving beat. The electric sounds that pulse and rock. The soft… inviting… whispers. And above all… The Night Strings sing their songs of love. The Instrumental Love Machine. It's Love Music… It's Music To Love

God Bless The Child
Black Sand And White Stars
The Road To The Blues
On Days Like These
A Time For Us
Oh Happy Day
Blue Stoned Eyes