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Friday, March 8, 2013

Pepper Creative Sales Library - Strange Sounds

Pepper Creative Sales Service
Sound Effects - Strange Sounds

Here is another one of those odd LPs I find now and then at the thrift. In this instance, the record is made up of a number of short, early and spacey strange electronic samples nicely cued for production work.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Date With Delamore

And I Love Her
A Date With Delamore
Production: D. Wayne Carmichael
Cover Design & Art: Helen Astarita
Cover Photos: Andrew Aitken
Bahamia Rhythms LTD
Compatible Stereo BRH 47

This album follows More Of Delamore - Compatible BRN-44.

Go Tell It On The Mountain
Hava Nageela
And I Love Her
Bossa Limbo
And The Door Is Still Open
Try To Remember
Lemon Tree
Sweetest Sound
Dolly Dawn
Michael Row The Boat

This Is Stereo!

I Cried For You - Joe Marsala
This Is Stereo!
Printed and manufactured by Crown Album Corp.
RCN 500

The tracks are nicely cobbled together on this Stere-o-craft promotional tool. The jacket notes mention that Craft Recording got into the stereophonic "field" in 1957.

Unlike many stereo promotions, the stereo on this disc actually sounds pretty awesome. Similar promotions also tend to feature a mixed bag of audio approaches, but the track selection on this LP, thankfully, focuses largely on lounge flavored jazz pieces.

From the back cover: One of Stere-o-craft's more valuable musical achievements has been to bring back to records the lyrical jazz clarinet of Joe Marsala. I Cried For You also includes harpist Adele Girard (Mrs. Marsala), trumpeter Rex Stewart, pianist Dick Cary, guitarist Carmen Mastren, drummer Johnny Blowers, and bassist Pat Merola.