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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Story Of Dracula

The Story Of Dracula
Kid Stuff Records KS118
By The Kid Stuff Repertory Company

Horrible album cover art and the worst Dracula impersonation ever.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Indian Marimba

The Indian Marimba
The Musical Heritage Society MHS 3238

From the back cover: The musical research necessary for the production of this recording was undertaken by Hector Miranda who directs the Los Calchakis Ensemble.

Silver Apples Of The Moon

Silver Apples Of The Moon
For Electronic Music Synthesizer
By Morton Subotnick
Nonesuch H-71174

This set has that great and mysterious Forbidden Planet soundtrack flavor to it. Apparently, Subotnick broke with the trend of the day and took the art form from abstract into pattern and rhythm.

Cool stuff.

Margaret Plays The Musical Saw

Green Leaves Of Summer
Margaret Plays The Musical Saw
Audiocraft Recording Co. Cincinnati, OH

Today's offering is a great local private press recording. Minty fresh vinyl and autographed!

The Musical Saw is the next best thing to the Theremin when it comes to "strange" music instruments. And it may be that Musical Saw recordings are rather more rare than Theremin.

There is a lot of information on the back cover. But one paragraph stands out. Margaret carries her saw in a gun case, which causes problems with security when she boards a plane for Burbank, California, to visit her daughter. Sometimes she must demonstrate that it really is a musical instrument.

That's why you do not see many traveling Saw players these days. They would all be pegged for terrorists, knocked to the ground and stripped search everywhere they went.

LIMBO! - The Caribbeanas

Santa Manite
The Caribbeanas
Diplomat 2277

Limbo Like Me
Arima Tonight
Gounod's Waltz
Melodious Overtones
Santa Manite
Melody De Amour
Whirling 'Round
Claire Is Where
The Heat

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Goldman Band

The Goldman Band
Marching On!
Vocalion VL 73838

Horny for brass? Apparently Vocalion decided that sex could sell anything, including marching band music.

Ping Pong Percussion - Lerner & Loewe

I Talk To The Trees
Ping Pong Percussion
Lerner & Loewe
Spinorama Records S-33

Spinorama Records logo is one of my favorite space age icons.

This is another LP fashioned after the Command label "percussion ping-pong sound".

Pointless "ping-pong" tacked on to stock music.

To The Tables Down At Mory's

To The Tables Down At Mory's
Songs for getting together, beer drinking and raising hell!!!
Lee Gotch's Ivy Barflies
Somerset SF-7600

I have another great cover to post today. I'm not kidding. I did not make this up. Yes, these gentlemen are drinking beer, raising hell and singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Raising Hell? This music is so white bread it's almost barbershop quartet.

Gene Tracy Truckstop 11

Gene Tracy
Cleans Up His Act
Truckstop 11
Koala Record Company 1980
KOA 14878

Interesting cheesecake cover for this reissue of Tracy material which was released the year after he died at the age of 52.

Love this cover. The model is curiously "old" and I don't have any idea why Koala went with this image over any other cheesecake image as there is no connection between the cover and the material. The album contains some adult references, some off-color and politically incorrect jokes, but no bad language what-so-ever.  It is not "XXX" by any means.

So it interesting to note the disclaimer on the back cover: The illustrations are a commercial concept for this album. Therefore we are unable to say that the illustrations represent a completely accurate presentation of the recording artist as he has or does now appear.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Jesse Crawford At The Organ

Jesse Crawford At The Organ
Crown Records
CST 486

Interesting mid-60s release from a bargain basement budget label, Crown.

On the cover Crown features a hip 60s chick… while on the vinyl organ music from a well known silent movie and gramophone recording artist who passed away several years before this LP was pressed is presented for your enjoyment.

Needless to say... there is a complete disconnect from the groovy marketing pitch of the jacket photo and the conservative music contained within.

Swingin' Sounds For Secret Agents

Swingin' Sounds For Secret Agents
Columbia Special Products
CSM 444

Here is a rare collection that was released by Columbia as a "Limited Edition – Not Available In Record Stores" I'm do not know how the album was distributed