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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Discotheque Dance Album

The Discotheque Dance Album
Command Records RS 33-892

Here's another in the long line of peppy light pop albums released by Command beginning in the early 60s. Artists on this album include, Tony Mottola, Dick Hyman, Doc Serverinsen and Bob Haggart directed by Bobby Byrne (who also arranged the songs). Byrne and Juilie Klages are credited as Associate Producers.

A Taste Of Honey
I'm Henry VIII, I Am
St. Louis Blues
I'm Telling You Now
Old Devil Moon
Mr. Tambourine Man
Bathtub Saturday Night
King Of The Road
Gonna Build A Mountain
My Girl Sloopy
Baby Love

The Yokohama Knights

Try A Little Tenderness

The Yokohama Knights
Eye Records
GRT Records VRT 10002

Here's a relatively obscure album created (arranged) and produced by Martin Cooper and Allan Capps. On Allan Capps  IMDB page you'll note that he is credited with soundtracks for a number of movies, most of which date to the 70s through the early 80s.

This is a good and quirky space age easy light pop album. A voice over was inserted on three tracks, as heard on the Lennon/MaCartney's song Goodbye as posted above. The idea was probably taken from "Japan's famous wandering minstrels of long ago, who traveled the orange blossom countryside with story and song" (copy from the back cover). The results are unexpected... but we look for the unexpected up here in The Atomic Attic.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life

Sunset In The Caribbean - Maria R. Sueiras
Your Love Letters - Sydney B. Wade
Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life
Royal Master Records RM 8030

And now for another fine song-poem feature.

This album is loaded with the good stuff that makes song-poems fun. Well... there are no songs about ninja disco aliens... but down-home stories of love and life are good enough for me.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Guitar And You - Music For An After Hours Mood

Harlem Noctourne
A Guitar And You
Music For An After Hours Mood
Session Under The Direction Of D. L. Miller
Cover Photo: Frank Zimmerman
Cover Art: Joesph Krush
Somerset Records P-3500
Packaged by Trump Phono Record Sales, Inc.

Finely crafted small combo jazz set featuring Joe Sgro playing electric guitar (no acoustic on this LP). Additional credits go to Vince Montana - vibes, Joseph Kuhn - bass and Jack Cassidy - drums. D. L. Miller (Somerset was Miller's label) gives himself credit for "session direction".

There isn't much to be found on Sgro online other than he was well thought of as an instructor. This may have been his only project? However, if you google him you will find a short YouTube interview (an outtake from documentary titled Philly Pop Music).

Alone Together
Embraceable You
Rachmaninoff And You
Claire De Lune
Tchaikovsky After Hours
Deep Purple
This Is Always
You Go To My Head
Ravel After Hours
Tchaikovsky Sits In
The Lady Likes Chopin
Harlem Nocturne

San Remo 69

Se Tu Ragazzo Mio - Ambra Borelli
II Gioco Dell'amore - Ambra Borelli
San Remo 69
Fiesta Records Company - New York, NY
FLPS 1573

And now for a few samples from an Italian import pop LP. Let the first Borelli sample play through as she goes crazy in a few places. Unless I missed it, I don't see her album reproduced on the cover. There are some fun tracks on the album, but her two songs stand out to my ear. I can't find many instances of her name online.

Junk Feelings Don't Have To Get You Down

Nobody Else Like Me
Junk Feelings Don't Have To Get You Down
Cursade LPS 1393

Monday, March 19, 2012

Melodies Of Japan - Johnny Gregory

Melodies Of Japan
Played In A Modern Manner By Johnny Gregory And His Orchestra
Fontana MGF 27522

I looked for this record after I found an album by "Chaquito". Chaquito turned out to be a versatile English arranger and conductor, Johnny Gregory, who made a by number of good Latin-style albums. Check out Hot Cha Cha Cha

I was expecting more or something different from this set having read online that the vibe was lounge or exotica (Denny/Lyman). To my ears, the album is split between almost straight easy listening and about 4 or 5 nice space age lounge tracks. Pleasant overall and the last track on the B side most grabbed my attention with it's groovy intro and laid back jazzy approach.