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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reveille - The New Muzak

The New Muzak
Specialists In The Physiological And Psychological Applications Of Music

Here's another crazy Muzak record. It's crazy that department store owners bought into the mind control aspects of Muzak's marketing.

Super awesome 60s vibe by-the-way (the music told me to say that).

Through The Eyes Of A Child
En El Rincon Del Alma
Sunshine Wine
Jennifer Jennings
Johnny One Time
The River
Hooked On A Feeling
Cafe Melody
Boom Bang-A-Bang
I'm Livin' In Shame

Friday, November 16, 2012

Chaino Africana

Swamp Girl
Chaino Africana
Dot DLP 3240
Produced, Composed And Arranged By Kirby Allen

This is a rocking blend of Afro vibe and exotica. All the fun stuff sans the bird calls. Super!

Breathing Bongos
Swamp Girl
Walking Bongos
African Jazz
Congo Serenade
Poko Cha Cha
Slave Girl
Bongo Beat
Slave Train
Afro Cha Cha
Bongo Stick Boogie

Blue Bongo - Rene Touzet

Love For Sale
Blue Bongo
Rene Touzet And The Cha Cha Rhythm Boys Featuring The Malagon Sisters
Fiesta Record Company
FLP 1224

Terrific title and awesome cover art promises thematically interesting content. But the album is uneven. The tracks by The Malagon Sister, while nice, seem out of place (possibly filler). The small combo Latin/jazz blend tracks by Touzet are the boys are spicy and more Blue Bongo-like.

I Love You
Lesson In Cha Cha Cha
So In Love
Mambo En Espana
Night And Day
Love For Sale
Estrellita Del Sur
I've Got You Under My Skin
Mambo Negro
In A Little Spanish Town
Begin The Beguine

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flamenco - Raoul Martinez And His Orchestra

Guajira Flamenca
Raoul Martinez And His Orchestra
Produced by Dave Pell
Tops/Mayfair 9678S

This colorful Tops package came in at least these two variations, the second sample above featured a jacket cut-out so that you could see a portion of the enclosed disc. The vinyl color, in this case, is dark amber which is better viewed by holding the record up to a light source. The yellow record came inside of the solid jacket.

From the back cover: Augmenting the spirit of Raoul Martinez's cuadro flamenco is world famed maestro of the guitar, Laurindo Almeida, who here contributes two original compositions, Malaguena and Serenata Espanola, both reflecting the fluency of their author.

Espana Cani
Flamenco Andaluz
Noches Malaguenas
Fiesta Trianera
El Relicario
Recuerdos De Huelva
Guajira Flemenca
Serenata Espanola
Ecos Del Rocio

Gloomy Sunday And Other Bright Moments - The Bob Brookmeyer Orchestra

Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy Sunday And Other Bright Moments
The Bob Brookmeyer Orchestra
Verve V6-8455

Here's another fine space age/jazz/big band/pop album produced by the amazing Creed Taylor. I was drawn to the LP by the title and the artwork which is credited to Olga Albizu. The album is generally peppy jazz/big band. There are several tracks like Gloomy Sunday that work with the cover art.

Why Are You Blue
Some Of My Best Friends
Gloomy Sunday
Ho Hum
Detour Ahead
Days Gone By Oh My
Where, Oh Where