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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jazz Festival

Sid's Mark
Jazz Festival
With Maynard Ferguson, Clark Terry, Teddy Wilson, Rufus Jones
Wyncote W 9031 Stereo

Various artist set featuring tracks that compliment each other. Nice budget release from Wyncote.

Bossa Nove De Funk - Maynard Ferguson
Rollin' - Rufus Jones
Sid's Mark - Clary Terry
Just About That Time - Rufus Jones
Tread Ye Lightly - Clark Terry
Sidney's Soliloquy - Teddy Wilson
Danny Boy - Maynard Ferguson
Aluminum Baby - Rufus Jones

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Only Have Eyes For You - Tony Motttola

A Stranger In Town
I Only Have Eyes For You
America's Greatest Popular Guitarist
Tony Mottola
Producer: Enoch Light
Associate Producers: Tony Mottola and Jeff Hest
Arrangements: Tony Mottola
Project 3 PR 5094SD

Budget set released after Enoch Light retired from the music business in 1974. Cheaply produced jacket with a sticker pasted over and replacing the Total Sound address on the back cover with the name and address of the "new" manufacture and distributor: "Seagull Enterprises".

Even though the entire project is "budget-minded" small combo lounge pop you are still treated to Mottola's amazingly clean, rich-sounding guitar work.

I Only Have Eyes For You
Send In The Clowns
I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
What I Did For Love
Jelly Belly
Our day Will Come
Time In A Bottle
The Most Beautiful Girl
A Stranger In Town
Love Won't Let Me Wait

Jequibau - Mario Albanese

No Balanco Do Jequibau
Mario Albanese
His Piano And Orchestra
Epic LN 24192

From the back cover: Jequibau was created by pianist-composure Mario Albanese and Ciro Pereira, and it has been hailed by Brazil's most celebrated musicians and composers as one of the most exciting and important rhythms they've ever heard. Noted conductor Luis Arruda Paes cites the unusual 5/4 beat as "a fluent melodic sound, which one can hear and follow in a natural way, without contriving any strong beat."

Tarde Quente
O Fim
Foi Assim
No Balanco Do Jequibau
Se Nao
Experando O Sol

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Know How It Feels To Be Lonely - Morgana King

Tomorrow Never Knows
I Know How It Feels to Be Lonely
Morgana King
Produced by Pete Spargo
Arranged and Conducted by Jimmie Hazard
Engineer: Lee Herschberg
Remix Engineer: Dave Greene
Cover Photo: Don Ornitz
Liner Photo: John Engstead
Art Direction: Any R. Lehman
Verve V6-5061

From the back cover: Morgana King sings sotto voice but her impact registers on the seismograph at Cal Tel. She is, as the French say, "a friend of the heart."

The ingredients are there: the musical soul of her Sicilian heritage, early dramatic training; long and educating maturation as an artist; the minor key wail of Hebrew chants absorbed as if by osmosis from her nearness to a neighborhood synagogue; an ear-opening exposure to the rhythms and quiet style of South America; a life of highs of total acceptance and the soul-tearing lows of tragedy. All of these are in the interpretations of the songs she sings. She is, like all great singers, first and foremost an interpreter, a sensitive actress with the added, blessed lagniappe of a classic vocal instrument.

Tomorrow Never Knows
Since I Fell For You
Sunshine Superman
Warm Eyes And Bright
Didn't We
Feelin' Groovy
I Know How It Feels To Be Lonely
Eleanor Rigby
I Can Do A Trick
Where Am I Going
Got To Get You Into My Life
Only Know I Loved You