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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Song Favorites Of Georgia Gibbbs

Mambo Baby
Song Favorites Of Georgia Gibbs
(Ballin' The Jack on disc label)
Mercury Records MG20114

From the back cover: Not too many years ago Georgia was singing in public for the first time in a small Worcester, Mass., orphanage, when she was but thirteen, and from that moment on there was no question in her mind about the course of her future would take. She worked with local bands and started to build a reputation as a vocalist. Then came sundry engagements with orchestras, murderous one-nighter tours interspersed with radio broadcasts. These were strenuous years for Georgia, but she emerged from them as an accomplished performer, with all the ease and ardent desire to please. Her big break came when Jimmy Durante chose Georgia from among hundreds of applicants. Since then Georgia has played every major night club, theatre and television show, piling success on success with her tremendous drive and equally intense delivery.

From Billboard - September 1, 1956: A number of "Her Nibs'" biggest single hits have been grooved here. With the stopper color cover shot of the gal in red strapless gown, this adds up to a highly salable package. Here are, for example, "Dance With Me, Henry" with "Tweedle Dee." It's bound to have a healthy sale and dealers can put it on prominent display.

I Want You To Be My Baby
Sweet And Gentle
Dance With Me Henry
Mambo Baby
Tweedle Dee
Ballin' The Jack
Every Road Must Have A Turning
Melancholy Baby
Regret, If You Can
Seven Lonely Days
My Sin

Come On And Twist - The Original Twisters

The Twist
Come On And Twist
The Original Twisters
Mercury Wing MGW 12217
A Product Of Mercury Record Corporation

The Twist
Little Liza Jane
When You And I Were Young, Maggie
Swanee River
When The Saints Go Marchin' In
Let's Twist Again
Red Wing Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Red River Valley Campton Races
Golden Slippers

Stereo Spectacular - Paul Mauriat

Etude In The Form Of Rhythm And Blues
Stereo Spectacular
The Paul Mauriat Orchestra
Printed in England by Robert Stace
Marketed by Phonogram
Philips 6830 142 Sampler

Black Is Black
Taka Taka Ta
Reach Out (I'll Be There)
I Say A Little Prayer
Etude In The Form Of Rhythm And Blues
Lady Madonna
Puppet On A String
Soley, Soley
Freedom Come, Freedom Go
A Banda
Winchester Cathedral

Dock Of The Bay - Mongo Santamaria

Dock Of The Bay
Mongo Santamaria
Cover Design: Norman Self
Cover Photo: Columbia Records Photo Studio - Don Hunstein & Fred Lombardi
Harmony H 30291
A Product Of Columbia Records

From the back cover: Mongo, master of the bongo, conga and an uncounted assortment of percussion instruments, left his native Cuba years ago. Since then he has been a featured artist with Perez Prado, Tito Puente and contributed greatly to the adaptations of jazz motifs with Latin rhythms for the Cal Tjader band.

Now he is the leader of talented players who add color and character and a glorious swing to the airs around them. Between them they create a delirious, unsubdued romp.

Whatever the late, richly gifted Otis Reading suggested when he wrote "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay, it strikes Mongo Santamaria with get-up-and-go ideas. And there is a moving flute solo by Hubert Laws that adds distinction to the trip.

There are other elements to listen for. The sparkling piano patterns in El Bikini as played by Rodgers Grant. He is also the composer-arranger for Mongo-Nova. Hubert Laws contributes an outstanding tenor saxophone solo on the hard-swinging Ricky Tick. And the stop-time rhythms of Cuidado will bring you up short. Merrily.

Mongo Santamaria adds his own thoughts to the Bacharach-David standard Walk On By and to Melons, a composition of Carmelo, the group's drummer. The total results are carefree, cosmopolitan. – Mort Goode

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
El Bikini
Ricky Tick
Walk On By
Louie, Louie

Exotic Dances

Yako San
Exotic Dances
From India - Burma - Japan - Argentina - Spain - Rumania - Crimea - Panama - Equatorial Africa - Armenia
Note On The Dances by La Meri
From the collections of La Meri and Ethnic Folkways Library
Foll 52, Recorded in Native Lands
Folkways Records & Service Corp., New York

Photos of La Meri in typical native costumes
La Meri and Difalco in Las Sevillanas
From La Meri's Book "Spanish Dancing"

Zapati Mediva Madule Sengavi
The Dance Of North India
Performer: S. Seetharam
Area: India
Instruments: Vina, Tablas, Tal
Name Of Dance: Nacni Nrtta

Alarippu is an Invocational Dance offered to Lord Siva
Area: Madras
Instruments: Tablas, Tal, Drone, Voice
Name Of Dance: Alarippu

This Dance is a part of the repertoire of the Devadasis (Temple Dancer) of classic antiquity
Performer: Ta Nagaswami Bhagavatar
Area: Madras (India)
Instruments: Tamil Vocal and Tablas
Name Of Dance: Sahana

Area: Burma
The "Posture Girls" of Burma
Name Of Dance: PWE

Of folk origin this Dance has been classicized into the Geisha repertoire
Area: Japan
Instruments: Samisen, Kakko and San-No-Tsuzumi
Name Of Dance: Kikuzukushi

Folk Dance
The Japanese Folk Dance consists of simple steps performer in a circle
Area: Japan
Instruments: Samisen and Voices
Name Of Dance: Yako San

La Chacarera
This is one of the most popular of the Gaucho (Cowboy) Dances
Performer: Domingo Aguirre
Area: Republic Of Argentina
Instrument: Harp Solo
Name Of Dance: La Chiacarera

Cruz De Mayo
The Sevillanas, or Seguidillas Sevillanas, is an offshoot of the Seguidillas Manchegas.
Instruments: Guitar, Castanets
Name Of Dance: Sevillanas

El Tambor De La Alegria
This is the typical dance of Panama
Area: Republic Of Panama
Performer: Grupo De La Alegria
Name Of Dance: Tamborito

Baya Dance
This dance takes place in a typical West African setting
Area: French Equatorial Aftrica
Performers: Baya Mixed Chorus, Drummers
Instruments Drums, Rattles

Starlight Waltzes - Felix Slatkin

Voices Of Spring
Starlight Waltzes
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Felix Slatkin
Cover taken in the home of Anna Fitzu, former Metropolitan Opera Star
FDS - The Dimensional Sound
Capitol Records P8456

Waltzes From Der Rosenkavalier - Richard Strauss
Espana Waltz - Emil Waldteufel
Valse Triste - Jan Sibelius
Waltz From Eugen Onegin - Tchaikovsky
Skaters Walt - Emil Waldteufel
Voices Of Spring - Johann Strauss Jr.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Theme From Love Story - Franck Pourcel

Things Of My Life
Theme From Love Story
Franck Pourcel
Produced by Ettore Stratta and Robert Mazur
Art Direction by Ruby Mazur
Paramount Records PAS 5022
A Division Of Famous Music Corporation

Theme From Love Story
Wand'rin Star
The Long And Winding Road
They Long To Be Close To You
El Condor Pasa
Make It Easy On Yourself
Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Things Of Life
The Song Of My Life
Theme From Borsalino

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Bahamas Treasure Chest

Junkanoo - Christmas Time In Nassau
Bahamas Treasure Chest
Recorded In The Bahamas
Caribbean Folk Music Ltd.
Carib LP 2016

Calypso Medley
(Brown Skin Gal and Other Jump-Up Calypso)
Roy Shurland with The Big Bamboo Orchestra

Conch Ain't Got No Bone
Eric Gibson and His Calypso Knights

The Crow
Peanuts Taylor and His Congo Drums

(The Fire Dance)
Ritchie Delamore with Little Sparrow and Fred Burnett on Steel Pans

Calypso Island
Eric Gibson and His Calypso Knights

Bahama Lullaby
Roy Shurland with The Big Bamboo Orchestra

The Wreck Of The John B. Sail
(Sloop John B.)
Roy Shurland with The Big Bamboo Orchestra

The Limbo
(Legendary Slave Dance)
Ritchie Delamore with Steel Pans

Gin And Coconut Water
Kasabubu with Lord Cody and Group

Little Nassau-Bahama Mama Medley
Eric Gibson and His Calypso Knights

(Bahamian Folk Song Of The Sea)
Roy Shurland with The Big Bamboo Orchestra

(Christmas Time In Nassau)
John Chipman and His Junkanoo Champions

Monday, July 1, 2019

Bossa Nova Jazz - Steve Allen

Mah Mah Limbo
Steve Allen Plays Bossa Nova Jazz
Produced by Tom Mack
Arranger and Conducted by Donn Trenner
Dot Records DLP 3480

Donn Trenner: Leader
Bob Enevoldsen: Tenor Sax
Laurindo Almedia: Guitar (Courtesy of Capitol Records)
John Setar: Flute and Alto Sax
Herb Ellis: Guitar
Jules Bertaux: Bass
Bob Neel: Drums
Frank Rosolino & Jimmy Zito: Brazilian Rhythm Instruments

St. Louis Blues
This Could Be The Start Of Something
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
Sweet Georgia Brown
Mah Mah Limbo
Time After Time
Lovely To Look At
Let's Fall In Love

Pahu Tahiti! - Authentic Drums Of The South Seas

The Auae Drummers
Pahu Tahiti!
Authentic Drums Of The South Seas
The South Sea Champion Drummers
Recorded in Tahiti by Gaston Guilbert
Liner Photo: Abe Meyer
Dot DLP 3297

By The Patutoa Drummers
Terapo (Being Awake)
Pare (District Of Pare)
Moto (Flight)
Taviri (To Revolve)
Papure (Blondie)
Toere (Wood Block)
Heiva (Heiva Group)
Naue (Swimming)
Heremoana (Love At Sea)
By The Auae Drummers
Ukulele (Ukulele)
Te Ofe (The Bamboo) (Chant)
By The Pueu Drummers
Vivo (Nose Flute)
Onuhi (Drunkness) (Chant)
Manu Patia (Wasp) (Chant)
Hina (Grandchildren) (Chant)
Otuu (Otuu Bird) (Chant)
By The Auae Drummers
Greetings Iaorana (Greetings Iaorana)
Pere (Gambling)
Huri Huti (Pulling)
Pai Pai (Beat)
Pahae (Tear)
Ue Ue (Shaking)
Ina (Ina)
Patia (Spear Fishing)
Napoko (The Island Of Napoko)
Aratai (Drive)
Titau (Begging)
Maha Maha (Thirsty)
Tiare Taporo (Lemon Flower)

Swinging Sights & Sounds - Valvoline '69

Quiet Music Volume 5 - Marek Weber & His Orchestra

Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Quiet Music
Volume 5
Easy Listening For Your Relaxation
A Marek Warner Musicale
Marek Warner and His Orchestra
Columbia Records CL 514

Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Die Fledermaus (Medley)
The Fireplace
Uchar Kupiec
I Am Sorry
Caucasian Love Song
L'amour, Toujours L'amour
Countess Maritaz (Medley)
Two Guitars
Birch Tree In The Meadow
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Gypsy Baron (Medley)
The Old Refrain
Student Prince (Medley)

Quiet Music Volume 4 - Columbia Salon Orchestra

September Song - The Dell Trio
Quiet Music
Volume 4
Easy Listening For Your Relaxation
Columbia Salon Orchestra
Lionel MaMorrow: Violinist
Al Goodman and His Orchestra
The Dell Trio
Columbia Records CL 513

Nocturne (Chopin)
Entr'acte - Gavotte
Melody In F
Two Hearts In Three-Quarter Time
September Song
From The Land Of The Sky-Blue Water
Oh, Those Dark Eyes
Emperor Waltz
A Musical Gaucho
In A Persian Market

Quiet Music Volume 3 - Columbia Salon Orchestra

Dark Eyes - Columbia Salon Orchestra
Quiet Music
Volume 3
Easy Listening For Your Relaxation
Columbia Salon Orchestra
Lionel McMorrow: Violinist
Al Goodman and His Orchestra
Columbia Records CL 512

Dark Eyes
Valse Sentimentale
Tango Du Reve
Serenade Espagnole
Lover, Come Back To Me
To A Wild Rose
Artist's Life
Glow Worm
Country Garden

Quiet Music Volume 2 - Columbia Salon Orchestra

Sufriendo - Humberto Morales
Quiet Music
Volume 2
Easy Listening For Your Relaxation
The Dell Trio
Columbia Salon Orchestra
Lionel McMorrow: Violinist
Humberto Morales and His Rhythm
Don Baker: Organist
Columbia Records CL 511

Sleeping Beauty Waltz
Roses Of Picardy
Alt Wien
Toselli's Serenade
Neapolitan Nights
Southern Roses
Sarba Calului