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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Soul Coaxing - Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra

A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Soul Coaxing
Raymond Lefevre And His Orchestra
4 Corners Records/Knapp Records - FCS-4244

Lefevre was a French composer/arranger who had an international hit with Soul Coaxing.

Read more about Lefevre on his wiki page.

Below is the same album with what is apparently a jacket printed just for early release, or "demonstration" copies.

Ame Caline

Sambas - Chuy Reyes and The Brazilians

Chuy Reyes and The Brazilians
Capitol H179

10 inch 33 RMP in a plain but heavy cardboard jacket. This record does come in a "regular" jacket featuring a colorful graphic/illustration. I'm not sure why this jacket was released.

Reyes seems to have released, on Capitol, at least two records. The record is great fun featuring inventive approaches for early 50s Latin.

Arch Oboler's African Adventure

Baganda Wife
Arch Oboler's African Adventure
Decca DL 7007

10 inch 33 RPM.

From the back cover: All the music in this album was recorded in Africa by Arch Oboler. Technician in Africa – William D. Synder. These recordings were made with the cooperation and assistance of Geoff Hutchinson, Kenya Information Office. G.M.A. Gayer, Director Uganda Public Relations and Father Fourneir of the Society of Missionaries of Africa.

The Empire Strikes Back - The Now Sound Orchestra

Yoda's Theme
The Empire Strikes Back
The Now Sound Orchestra
Peter Pan Records 1116

Generally, this recording is not as "whacky" as I had hoped for. And Encounters of The Third Kind and I think, 2001 Space Odyssey are the feature tracks from another, earlier Peter Pan release: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Exotica Vol. III - The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny

Exotica Vol. III
The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
Liberty LRP 3116

Available on CD and by download so I will not be posting a sample.

Another outstanding example of the early Denny sound. The cover features Denny's favorite model Sandy Warner "The Exotic Girl".

Read about Denny on his wiki page.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) - The T-Bones

No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
The T-Bones
Liberty LST-7439

Found on CD so I won't be posting a sample.

Terrific space age pop album with a curious title and cover art. The title tune was a melody used for an Alka-Seltzer commercial. The tune charted #3.

Group members include: Judd Hamilton - guitar, Danny Hamilton - guitar, Joe Frank Carollo - bass, Tommy Reynolds - keyboards / vibes / percussion and Gene Pello - drums.

Available as mono, but I think the stereo version would be your best listen. Fabulous stuff!

Drifting N' Dreaming

Stars Of Love
Drifting N' Dreaming
Diplomat 2251

This was a record made back in the day when folks didn't care who the artist was, so Diplomat didn't bother crediting the artist(s). That's right, folks were tough as nails and didn't care who made their music and they didn't want to waste their hard earned money made during The Great Depression on fancy jacket art…

OK, so maybe people didn't care about cover art in the 60s either. And no one, and I mean NO one gave a crap if their date came to the dance wearing bright pink hair. Well... I bet they did care about hair color...

A silly mix of musical styles... and Diplomat misspelled Tequilla on the cover.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Si Zentner

Because Of You
Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Si Zentner
RCA Victor LSP-3484

Fun space age pop from Si Zentner. Featuring many of the whiz-bang musical devices that made 60s music, well... whiz-bang! Read about Zentner on his wiki page.

It Hurts To Say Goodbye - The Jack Gold Orchestra and Chorus

On The Rebound
It Hurts To Say Goodbye
The Jack Gold Orchestra and Chorus
Columbia CS 9851

Jack Gold was a song writer, music publisher and record producer. He worked with the likes of Ray Conniff, Patty Duke, Percy Faith, Bobby Goldsboro, Jim Nabors, Barbra Streisand and Margaret Whiting. This was his first (and maybe only) album. Columbia did try and promote the LP, running a large ad in Billboard.

If you like cheesy 60s light pop then you find enough here to hold your interested. I still recommend Ray Bloch for the ultimate fix.

R.S.V.P. - The Invitations

The Invitations
Russ Garcia and His Orchestra
Producer: Si Waronker
Photography: Garrett-Howard
Cover Design: Pate/Francis & Assoc.
Liberty LRP3117

From the back cover: The Invitations include (from left to right on the cover picture) Sonny Kamaka, Alec Kaeck, Buddy Fo, Clem Low and John Costello. Each is a part-Hawaiian native of Honolulu. They merged their individual talents into one on a fall day in 1958 and were immediately booked at the Korean Village in Honolulu's International Market Place.

A talent scout for Liberty Records heard the boys and joined the rest of the crowd in flipping their outriggers. The unscheduled audition resulted in a quick plane trip to Hollywood where they recorded the twelve songs herein.

Russ Garcia, arranger-conductor-composer of many abilities, recorded them in three sessions: one with five cellos, another with five guitars, the third with five trombones and all with a standard rhythm section, plus bongos.

Although the boys themselves are musicians and play many instruments in their act, they confine themselves to singing on this set.

In discussing the occasional high voice heard in their contemporary styling, The Invitations revealed that while this may be a modern touch in the rest of the United States, it is as old as Diamond Head itself in Oahu and vicinity. It seems that in the old, old days, religious traditions prohibited women from singing and so men took over the soprano parts in falsetto. – Roger Beck

Nani Waimea
Pretty Red Hibiscus
Ka Makani Kaili Aloha
Mr. Wonderful
Hawaiian Hospitality
Sweet Someone
Princess Poo-Poo-Ly
Hawaii Calls
Susie Anne E
Mauna Loa
Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae (Hawaiian Wedding Song)

Cha Cha Charm - Jan August

Green Eyes
Cha Cha Charm
Jan August
Wing/Mercury SRW 16366

Good blend of cha cha and 60s cheese.

Boogie Woogie
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Green Eyes
Lazy River
Greek Bolero
Kiss Of Fire
Merry Madrid

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just For You - Manny Lopez

Theme From Hong Kong
Just For You
Manny Lopez
Indigo Records IND-ST502

From the back cover: E. Manuel "Mango" Manny Lopez is a native of Los Angeles. Manny Lopez is often referred to as the Crown Prince of The Latin Beat. And indeed he is. This title is a true tribute to his amazing talents. This superb entertainer with the dazzling wardrobe, looks of a movie star, and sparkling personality has captivated latin beat followers in every lounge, room, nook and cranny where such avid followers gather.

Very Countrified - Blake Bynum & Roy Harper

Very Countrified
Blake Bynum & Roy Harper
MAP Records LP-101

Obscure private press with some fab sounding Do-Bro picking.

From the back cover: Roy Harper joined Bynum's Sand Mountain Boys in 1948. Roy, not unlike the late famous Jimmy Rodgers, was formerly a railroad brakeman for several railroad companies throughout the South and Southwest. Also: He (Bynum) is semi-retired and lives with his family in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The album was apparently released on the coattails of several 45s that were successful for MAP.

The Groovin' Strings And Things

The Groovin' Strings And Things
Arranged & Conducted by Horace Ott
CUB CUS-80.000

As much 60s fun as the cover suggests. Ott would go one to arrange the Village Peoples hit Y.M.C.A.

Walk Away Renee
She's A Rainbow
Theme For The Young'uns
Sounds Of Silence
The Fool On The Hill
Dock Of The Bay
Explosion In My Soul
Can't Find The Time
Tara's Theme

Dearly Beloved - Marion Marlowe

Dearly Beloved
Marion Marlowe
Warren Vincent Conducts The Farnsworth Strings
Design/Pickwick DCF-1006

Marlowe was best known for her performances on the television variety series Arthur Godfrey and His Friends from 1950 to 1955. I believe that's Marlowe on the cover. She recorded for CBS Records in the mid-50s. Read more on her wiki page.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pearly Shells From Hawaii - The Waikikis

Moonlight And Shadows
Pearly Shells From Hawaii
The Waikikis
MCA Records MCA-544
All selections previously released on KAPP album old number KS-3555 entitled Pearly Shells From Hawaii

Sweet Leilani
Pearly Shells
The Hawaiian Wedding Song
Hawaiian Fever
Blue Hawaii
Beyond The Reef
Ha Lei O Hawaii
Tiny Bubbles
Moonlight And Shadows
Honey Sweet
Hawaiian March
I'll Remember You

Love Is Blue - Franck Pourcel

Aranjuez, d'apres I'Adagio
Love Is Blue
Franck Pourcel
Imperial LP-12383

Here is an set that is MUCH cooler than the suck cover art. Why the horrible photo of a couple in a weed patch? "Darling... I brought you out here for a roll in the poison ivy!" Anyway, the music is a great blend of mood and that 60s funk vibe that's hard to put your finger on. Great tracks include The World We Knew, You Only Live Twice and Casino Royale.

Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits - Billy Vaughn

Sabre Dance Boogie
Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits
Billy Vaughn
Dot DLP 25558

Vaughn is one of those composers that was on the scene for decades. He charted a total of 42 singles on Billboard.

Through out his career he made attempts to modernize his sound and make trendy records. These later attempts are the LPs that have surprised me. This recording presents a decent 60s vibe.

Check out the coolest Vaughn LP I've unearthed: The Windmills Of Your Mind

Piano Witchcraft Of Cy Coleman

The Riviera
Piano Witchcraft Of Cy Coleman
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Billy May
Capitol ST 1952

Here is an album, that much to my surprise, I was not able to find online as a CD or purchase/digital download. If nothing else, the cover art is worth the price of admission.

The tunes swing between more piano/orchestra light jazz pieces and some nice space age flavored stuff.

Read more about Coleman on his wiki page.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Temptation - John Keating


The John Keating Orchestra and Singers
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44019

From the back cover: John Keating is one of England's most active arrangers. Born and bred in Scotland, he has worked most of his professional life in London where, for some years, he was staff arranger for Ted Heath's big band. More recently – although he still finds time to work on Ted Heath's "phase 4" los – Mr. Keathing's activity has spread from the swing and jazz idiom in which he is an authority, to other musical forms; his name is spotted on the hit parade at regular intervals as a backing arranger, and currently he is there with an instrumental single. In the ever-challenging "phase 4" format, Mr. Keating, has especially excelled. With this, his second "phase 4" album, "Temptation," Mr. Keating adds yet another dimension to his broad scope as an arranger. Working with strings, voices and a block of jazz instruments, Mr. Keating has created a uniquely different and superbly imaginative LP.

From Billboard - June 29, 1962: Smart, sleek arranging for ork and chorus and excellent sound are the hallmarks of this set. The Keating ork is a precisely rehearsed outfit that swings and sweeps on strong rhythm, biting brass and rolling string section. The mixed voices are engagingly interwoven sining the lyrics of such standards as "Love For Sale," "Temptation" and "Maria," with "St. Louis Blues" an outstanding track for all concerned.

Blues In The Night
Love For Sale
Bess, You Is My Woman Now
St. Louis Blues
Satin Doll
Whatever Lola Wants

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enoch Light Presents Tony Mottola & Strings

Street Of Dreams
Enoch Light Presents Tony Mottola & Strings
Project 3 PR5069 SD

Enoch Light retired from music in 1974 and passed away four years later. Jeff Jest and Mottola engineered this album. The set is typical fab Mottola.

For All We Know - Franck Pourcel

Sad Lisa
For All We Know
Frank Pourcel
Paramount Records PAS 5035

"2" I a Woman part II

Sex Experience
"2" I a Woman part II
Sven Gyldmark
A Chevron Release

I bought this album because of the cheesy cover and track titles such as Sex Experience, Petting Waltz and Strip-Tease Party. Sex Experience, the first track, is cool but then the album slides into easy listening until you happen across Lonesome And Scared (a track from side two) which is mysterious sounding.

I don't know if the film, made in Denmark, was ever released in the states. The label on the record reads "Special Disc Jockey Record"(a promotional copy).

Gyldmark, I'd like to note, scored the soundtrack for Reptilicus!

Tonight With Jose Melis

Tonight With Jose Melis
His Piano And Strings
Seeco CELP-411

Mood album from the musical director and soloist of Jack Paar's Tonight Show.