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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Realistic Country-Pop Hits Of The '70s


L. A. International Airport

Realistic Country-Pop Hits Of The '70s
Album Director: Ernest K. Dominy
Art Direction: Roy Kohara
Custom Manufactured for Radio Shack
A Division of Tandy Corporation
From The Sound Capitol Of The World
Capitol Record SL-8022

All I Have To Do Is Dream - Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry
Easy Loving - Freddie Hart
Snowbird - Anne Murray
Like Old Times Again - Ray Price (Courtesy of World Records, Inc.)
Wolf Creek Pass - C. W. MaCall (Courtesy of Polydor, Inc.)
L. A. International Airport - Susan Raye
Silver Threads And Golden Needles - Linda Ronstadt
Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Joe South
Danny's Song - Anne Murray
Bonaparte's Retreat - Glen Campbell

The Rockin' Strings Of Ray Martin


Blueberry Hill

The Rockin' Strings Of Ray Martin
RCA Victor LPM-2130

From Billboard - September 28, 1959: Ray Martin, the English arranger, has a rocking album that should appeal to the teens as well as the adults. The tunes move, sparked partly by the triplet beat behind the ork and the attention-getting string work. The selections are all standards, ranging form "Who's Sorry Now?" and "I'll Always Be In Love With You" to "Too Young" and "Blueberry Hill," It's both exciting and swinging.

Who's Sorry Now?
I'll Always Be In Love With You
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
You Always Hurt The One You Love
Too Young
Blueberry Hill
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
Girl Of My Dreams
C'est si bon (It's So Good)
When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Oh! My Pa-Pa (P Mein Papa)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

In A Mellow Mood - Bobby Hacket



In A Mellow Mood
Bobby Hackett
With Orchestra Conducted By Glenn Osser
Capitol Records T575

From the back cover: Bobby Hackett, spent the first twenty years of his life growing up and learning to play the trumpet. The next twenty years was a quiet period during which he became – quite simply – one of the finest soloists in popular music. Although relatively unknown to the general public, Hackett built a reputation in the trade. Playing with Horace Heidt, Glenn Miller, Glen Gray, and Paul Whiteman, he became recognized as a "musician's musician," one who played "all the pretty notes." He was the man behind some of the loveliest choruses on record, notably his now-classic version of Embraceable You. Lately, Hackett has gained wider recognition, his featured trumpet work on the popular Jackie Gleason albums lifting him into higher echelons of recording artists. He is now a man in demand. And to satisfy that demand, Capitol happily offers this new album of Bobby Hackett "In A Mellow Mood."

From Billboard - August 13, 1955: Bobby Hackett, the fine jazz trumpeter, featured heavily in the Jackie Gleason mood albums, has this show all to himself. It's still mood music, tho the trumpeter is allowed more freedom to improvise, utilizing a batch of pretty standards. Hackett has managed to fine a few items off the well-trodden track. Relaxing listenable stuff for the mood music buyer with a jaded pallet.

Serenade In Blue
Deep Night
In A Sentimental Mood
Lazy River
Mood Indigo
Get Out Of Town
All Through The Night
Stars In My Eyes
You're My Thrill

Promises, Promises - Aimi Macdonald & Ronnie Carroll


Knowing When To Leave

Promises, Promises
Aimi Macdonald & Ronnie Carroll
Music by Burt Bacharach
Lyrics by Hal David
Orchestra directed by Keith Roberts
Fontana Special SFL13192

From the back cover: On this record the two leading roles are sung by Aimi Macdonald and Ronnie Carroll. After starting in ballet in France and America, Aimi returned to England to appear in "One The Town" and "Boys From Syracuse". Following these shows came her really big break in the TV comedy series "At Last The 1948 Show", which made the lovely Aimi Macdonald a nationwide catch-phrase. Soon after the series finished, she starred with Lionel Blair in the Gershwin-scored "Lady By Good". Ronnie Carroll has been a recording star now for some twelve years, with a string of successful hits such as "Say Wonderful Things", "Roses Are Red" and "Dear Heart", and with his relaxed style of singing, has appeared in very many radio and television shows over the years. Just recently his recordings have been rather intermittent, and it is very gratifying to hear him singing as well as ever. Acclaimed by the critics as one of the best musicals of the decade, the success of "Promises, Promises" lead the way for many more Bacharach-David scores for the future. We will look forward to them.

Half As Big As Life
You'll Think Of Someone
She Likes Basketball
Knowing When To Leave
Turkey Lurkey TIme
A Fact Can Be A Beautiful Thing
Whoever You Are
Where Can You Take A Girl
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Promises, Promises

Monday, October 26, 2020

Singin' For Fun - The Krater Brothers


Mornin' Train

Singin' For Fun
The Krater Brothers
Pacific Northwest Sound Productions - Salem, Oregon
Recording Engineer: Ray Connelly
Flight 7 - 10006

From the back cover: The Krafter Brothers were born in the Southwestern part of Oklahoma near the little town of Hobart, where they spent the early part of their childhood. In 1945 they moved to Salem, Oregon. The Krafter Brothers, who, as a matter of fact, really are brothers, began singing together around their home community and local church. At that time, Jack, the tenor, was the only one who played any instrument, the Spanish Guitar. Things went on that way for a number of years, until the folk singing trend came along. This type of music, with its close harmony, smooth blending, powerful lyrics and exciting rhythm, became very appealing to the Krafter Brothers. As a result, they began to work out various arrangements of those gutsy and lyrical tunes. With the added concentration on folk songs, Thurm, who sings the lead, took up the string bass to supply the rhythm. Not long after, another guitar was strummed bu Jess, who also sings baritone. Before long, the Krater Brothers were kept quite busy singing throughout their home state of Oregon. So, if you are one who enjoys music which contains blending, harmony, and a lot of rhythm; listen, as the Krater Brothers go, "Singin' For Fun."

Swing Down Sweet Chariot
All My Trials
Jesus Met The Woman
Jordan River
Where No One Stands Alone
Mornin' Train
This Land Is Your Land
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Maple On A Hill
Pastures Of Plenty
Cruel War
Long Ago And Far Away

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hawaii Across The Sea - June Ululani, Genoa Keawe & Benjamin Rogers


Across The Sea

Beautiful Mahealani Moon

Hawaii Across The Sea
Genoa Keawe and Her Hawaiians
Hawaii's Most Popular Television Artists
Enchanting Melodies with Benjamin Rogers at the Hawaiian Steel Guitar
Authentic Hawaiian Melodies
Recorded In Hawaii
49th State Hawaii Record Co.
HI-FI LP-3404

Vocals In Hula Tempo

June Ululani Leite sings with John K. Almeida and His Hawaiians

Across The Sea
I Will Remember You
Beyond The Reef

Genda Keawe and Her Hawaiians
Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Instrumentals For Listening

Benjamin Rogers at the Hawaiian Steel Guitar with The Harmony Isles Group

Lovely Hula Hands
It's Just An Old Hawaiian Custom
Pagan Love Song
King's Serenade
Beautiful Mahealani Moon

Nat King Cole At The Sands


Miss Otis Regrets

Nat King Cole At The Sands
Musical Direction: David Cavanaugh
Orchestra conducted by Antonio Morelli
Produced by Lee Gillette and David Cavanaugh
Cover Photo: Capitol Photo Studios / Ken Veeder
Capitol Records SMAS 2434

From the inside cover: On this morning of January 14, 1960 (2:30 to 5:00 A.M.), Nat responded to their enthusiasm in kind. Always in top form, he topped even his own top, with a warm, wise, witty, debonair, exciting, wonderfully carefree show.

From Billboard - January 22, 1966: The late Nat King Cole was in rare form that day in 1960 when he was working at the Sands, and the Capitol engineers were on hand to preserve the performance. The performance was as smooth as ever and the release of the album, even at this late date, is a fine tribute.

The Continental
I Wish You Love
You Leave Me Breathless
Thou Swell
My Kind Of Love
Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Where Or When
Miss Otis Regrets
Joe Turner's Blues