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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I Can See Clearly Now - Ray Conniff


Summer Breeze

I Can See Clearly Now
Ray Conniff
Producer: Jack Gold
Arranger and Conductor: Ray Conniff
Engineer: Eric Prestidge
Art Direction: Ron Coro
Collage: Joe Garnett
Photo Of Twiggy: Justin deVilleneuve
The part of Clair is played by Ray's daughter Tamrara
Columbia KC 32090

From Billboard - January 27, 1973: Superb arrangements provide new dimensions to a bagful of current Top hits. Ray's singers are in fine, full fettle, offering clear pronunciations and sharper insight into the typical meanings of such tunes as "Summer Breeze," "It Never Rains In California" and "I Can See Clearly Now." "I Believe In Music" lets the guys assert their muscle before the full chorale sound comes through.

I Can See Clearly Now
If You Don't Know Me By Now
It Never Rains In Southern California
Summer Breeze
I Believe In Music
If I Could Reach You
Something's Wrong With Me
I Am Woman
I'd Love You To Want Me

Chasing A Dream - Bill Pursell



Chasing A Dream
Bill Pursell
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones
Arrangements by Bill Justis
Orchestra Directed by Grady Martin
Cover Photo: J. Frederick Smith
Columbia Records CL 2077

From the back cover: Under the skilled leadership of Grady Martin, the orchestra supports Bill in his newest album, Chasing A Dream, in imaginative evocations of that tender yet elusive human emotion we call Love. In pursuit of a definition of melodic terms, Bill plays three of his own stunning compositions – the collections's title tune, Chasing A Dream, Never and Forever and Farewell To Adra. The arranger, Bill Justis, displays his own gifts for composing in Autumn Magic, and pianist John Lewis, founder of the famed Modern Jazz Quartet, is represented by Columbine. Bill Pursell's playing of More, theme from the current sensational documentary film, "Mondo Cane," provides one of the album's highlights.

Bill Pursell has been playing piano since he was three years old, composing since he was four. Although his musical tastes then ran to Country music, he was trained to be a concert pianist. At fifteen, he left his native San Joaquin Valley in California to continue music studies in Berkeley. After graduation from high school, he as awarded a two-year scholarship to study at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore. Later, during the last two years of his tour with the Air Force, Bill was composer-arranger for the Air Force Band's radio shows in the nation's capitol. During this period, his musical horizons expanded and he began to play a great deal of jazz. Upon discharge, he attended the Eastman School Of Music in Rochester, New York, majoring in composition and piano technique. He as granted a Master's degree from that school, and at the same time was recipient of the first Edward B. Benjamin Award for composition given at Eastman.

At the present time, Bill divides his time between recording for Columbia Records, teaching at Nashville's Vanderbilt University, flying (he has been soloing for a year), learning Karate, clay modeling and raising a family. A busy man of many interested is Bill Pursell, and an outstanding performer of some of today's finest music.

From Billboard - September 28, 1963: The piano artistry of Bill Pursell, ably backed by Grady Martin and ork, with 12 cuts aimed for easy listening. The dreamy-like theme is held throughout with two exceptions when Pursell digs into the exciting Bill Justis arrangements of "More" and "Pride." Strong wax that should sell for a long time.

Chasing A Dream
Never And Forever
Theme From A Dream
Lonely Street
Autumn Magic
Summer Is Gone

Fire & Jealousy - Andre Kostelanetz



Fire & Jealousy
Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
Cover Photo: Columbia Records Photo Studios - Henry Parker
Columbia STEREO CS 8698

Jalousie (Jealousy)
Cielito Lindo
Cordoba (from "Cantos de Espana")
Spanish Dance No. 1 (from "La Vida Breve")
Ritual Dance Of Fire (from "El Amore Brujo")

Concert In Rhythm - Ray Conniff


Rhapsody In Blue

Concert In Rhythm
Ray Conniff and His Orchestra & Chorus
Columbia CS 8022

Theme from Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto
Theme from Swan Lake Ballet
Theme from Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto
Theme from Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony
Theme from Ray Conniff Suite
Theme from Romeo And Juliet
Rhapsody In Blue
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
The Lamp Is Low
Theme From Grand Canyon Suite
My Reverie

Memory Magic - Bill Hayes


The Auto-Magic System

Memory Magic
Bill Hayes
Creator of the "Auto-Magic" way to SUCCESS in learning and living
Success Motivation Institute, Inc. SMI 1316

Introduction by Paul J. Meyer, President of Success Motivation Institute
To Prove A Point
Observation Aids Memory
Using Memory Aids
The "Auto-Magic" Memory System
Practice Make Perfect
Remember Names And Faces
Review And Conclusion

The Wah-Watusi - The Orlons


I Met Hime On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde)

The Wah-Watusi
The Orlons
Cover Design: Al Cahn and Miller, Bodden & Rich
Cameo C1020

From the back cover: The Orlons are new, so new that this is their first long-playing album. The four members are Shirley Brickley, Rosetta Hightower, Marlena Davis and Steve Caldwell. All the girls are 17 and Steve is 19. The Orlons come from Philadelphia – the musical record center of the world." Philadelphia is also the home-town of a number of other Cameo-Parkway Records, Inc. stars including Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell, Dee Dee Sharp, the Carroll Brothers and the Dovells.

Like many popular groups, the Orlons started in an informal way. The girls were friends in junior high and sang together in school. For five years they performed at benefit shows, neighborhood parties, and teen dances. After attending Overbrook High, they drifted apart for awhile. "We sang for the fun of it," says Shirley, "and we never dreamed of a career in show business."

And that's where "the boy next door" fits in. The boy in this case is Steve Caldwell. He lives next door to Shirley. One night he heard singing coming from Shirley's house and called to find out what "record" she was playing. "It turned out the girls were having a reunion," says Steve. "Shirley knew I did a little singing too and asked me to join them. We tried a few numbers together and clicked. That's how the Orlons were born."

Soon the Orlons were back doing banquets and variety shows. At one engagement, Lennie Barry, the lead singer for the Dovells heard them. He spoke to the group after the show and suggested an audition at Cameo. "Wow, we were nervous," says Steve, "but we weren't going to pass up an opportunity like that."

The audition was a smash success, and in a week the Orlons had cut their first hit single, I'll Be True. Since then, they have recorded other favorites like Mr. Twenty One and of course, The Wah-Watusi.

There are several reasons why the Orlons are gaining so much popularity with teenagers across the country.

For one thing, music is second nature to them. "All of us learned to read and enjoy music at an early age," says Rosetta. "You might say we grew up singing." Another reason is dedication. "Most people don't realize how much plain hard work is involved in singing," explains Marlena. "You practice a song over and over, and when it's finally right, it sounds easy. That's why you, work so hard – to make it sound easy."

Like all teenagers, the Orlons have their favorite singers. Steve is a long-time fan of Johnny Mathis. Rosetta has a large collection of Ray Charles records. Shirley get enthusiastic about Etta James, and Marlena's favorite is Connie Stevens. For fun and relaxation, Rosetta goes swimming and Marlena likes tennis. Shirley is a accomplished dancer, and Steve devotes his spare time to basketball and baseball.

The best reason for the Orlon's success is also the simplest one. As Shirley said, the enjoy singing. Whether the group is doing a show, or making a record, or practicing, they go all out because singing is fun. "You have to breathe in to live," says Steve, "and when you're breathing out, it doesn't hurt any to add a little song." – J. P. Byrne

Dedicated To The One I Love
Mashed Poatato
The Pea
Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
I'll Be True
The Wah-Watusi
He's Gone
Let Me In
Over The Mountain, Across The Sea
I Met Hime On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde)
(Happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty-One

Great For Dancing - Eddy Howard


Nobody's Sweetheart

Great For Dancing
Strictly Instrumental
Eddy Howard and His Orchestra
Mercury Records SR 60104

Christopher Columbus
Enjoy Yourself
Sentimental Journey
Route 66
Boogie Woogie
Nobody's Sweetheart
Hooray For Love
Waltz Medley

Soulful Strut - The Young-Holt Unlimited


Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy

Soulful Strut
The Young-Holt Unlimited
Produced by Carl Davis and Eugene Record
Arranged by Sonny Sanders
Directed by Willie Henderson
Cover Photo: Hal Buksbaum
Brunswick STEREO BL 754144

From the back cover: A couple of years ago bass man Eldee Young and drummer Red Holt parted company with Ramsey Lewis, after the group had functioned for some twelve years as a unit.

For Young and Holt, it was an exciting challenge. The long years of toiling in the jazz field had left them with their musical skills sharpened with their musical ears and eyes wide open to locate where they could fit int today's complex world of entertainment.

They titled themselves, appropriately, Young-Holt Unlimited. And there does seem to be no limited on their capabilities or their talent.

With Ramsey Lewis, they had shared in the excitement of such walloping bit hits as The "In" Crowd and Hang On Sloopy, and in the thrill of copping a Grammy Award. They had played in every major club and on every important stage in the country. They were inching their way up into the top rungs of the favorite instrumentals in the Down Beat annual jazz poll.

Who's Making Love
Please Sunrise, Please
Be By My Side
What Now My Love (Et Maintenant)
Baby Your Light Is Out
Soulful Strut
Just Ain't No Love
Little Green Apples
Funky Is As Funky Does
Love Makes A Woman
Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy

Belly Dance au Go-Go - Artie Barsamian

Sev Archer

Belly Dance au Go-Go
Music Of The Middle East
Artie Barsamian and His Orchestra
Photo: Three Lions Studios
Cover Design: Stephen Haas
Fiesta Record Company, Inc. FLPS 1468

Hy Achig
Sen Gel
Khnozri Tzara
Bari York
Sev Acher
Yaree York
Eezen Hyer
Tootin Tzara

Carousel And Porgy & Bess - Hollywood Orchestra & Singers


It Ain't Necessarily So

Carousel and Porgy & Bess
The Hollywood Symphonette and Singers
Cover Design: C. Arnold Carlson
Golden Tone Hi-Fidelity C4017
Distributed by Radio Craftsmen

It Ain't Necessarily So
Bess You Is My Woman
I Got Plenty Of Nuttin'
June Is Busting Out All Over
You'll Never Walk Alone
What's The Use Of Wond'rin'

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Selling The Sizzle - Elmer Wheeler


Point 1: Don't Sell The Steak... Sell The Sizzle!

Selling The Sizzle
Elmer Wheeler's Award Winning Talk
Businessmen's Record Club
A Record Of The Month Selection
A Division Of The National Research Bureau, Inc.
Success Motivation Institute, Inc. SMI 1315

Don't Sell The Steak... Sell The Sizzle!
Don't Write... Telegraph!
Say It With Flowers
Don't Ask "If"... Ask "Which!"
Watch Your "Bark!"
Proper Timing

John Bishop Plays His Guitar (Doesn't He)


Bright Lights And You Girl

John Bishop
Plays His Guitar (Doesn't He)
Produced by Dave Braithwaite
Cover Design by Lockhart
Recorded at Tangerine/RPM Sound Studios
TRC - A Product of Tangerine Records TRCS 1513
Distributed by ABC/Dunhill Records

Sweet Emma
Arranged by Charles Green
Written by Nat Adderley

Wichita Lineman
Arranged by Al Willis
Written by Jim Webb

Come Together
Arranged by Charles Green
Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

A Time For Us from Romeo and Juliet
Arranged by Charles Green
Written by R. Lowden

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine
Arranged by Al Willis
Written by John Bishop

My Cherie Amour
Arranged by Al Willis
Written by J. Cosby, S. May and S. Wonder

Bright Lights And You Girl
Arranged  by Dave Braithwaite
Written by Sade Shepherd

Never Fall In Love
Arranged by Al Willis
Written by L. Colman and N. Gimbel

For Wes
Arranged by Charles Green
Written by John Bishop

24 Saint Servon
Arranged by Charles Green
Written by John Bishop

Monday, March 15, 2021

The Romantic Piano Of Michael Grant


Dark Eyes

The Romantic Piano Of Michael Grant
The Michale Grant Trio
Design DCF-1029
A Product Of Pickwick Sales Corp.

So In Love
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Eyes Of Love (Dark Eyes)
We'll Love Again
Ador Me

Summer Scene - Frankie Avalon

The Things We Did Last Summer

Summer Scene
Frankie Avalon
Chancellor CHL 5011
Distributed by Am-Par Record Corp.

From Billboard - July 18, 1960: Here's a new one that's bound to make a healthy dent in the business, what with a special prize contest for buyers who write the best answers to the question, "The song I like best in Frankie's album is... because (in the usual 25 words or less). Beyond this obvious attraction, the set contains a flock of nice summery ballads by the chanter which should please his many partisans the most. Smart packaging.

Summer Scene
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
If I Had You
Swingin' Down The Lane
On The Sunny Side Of The Street
It's Only A Paper Moon
June Night
For Me And My Gal
If You Were The Only Girl In The World
For Sentimental Reasons
Over The Rainbow
Love Letters In The Sand
The Things We Did Last Summer

A Is For Animal - Bubble Gum Singers


Cluck Old Hen

A Is For Animal
Bubble Gum Singers and Orchestra
Springboard International 
Happy Tunes HT 705

The Old Grey Hen
Cluck Old Hen
The Blue Tail Fly
The Kerry Cow
The Lazy Cat
The Bear Went Over The Mountain
The Donkey
Song Of The Fishes
Old Molly Hare
I Bought Me A Rooster
Animal Song
A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
The Animal Fair
Three Crows
Horse Named Bill

Marching Along Together - Bubble Gum Singers


Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Marching Along Together
Bubble Gum Singers and Orchestra
Cover: Vic Contone
Springboard International
Happy Tunes HT 711

Battle Hymn Of The Republic
The Caissons Go Rolling Along, Halls Of Montezuma, Anchors Aweigh
Yankee Doodle
Stars And Strips Forever
El Capitan
Diplomat March
The Liberty Bell
Hail To The Spirit Of Liberty
The Star Spangled Banner