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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Exotica Suite - Si Zentner

Tribe Of The Moon Tribe
Exotica Suite
The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
Si Zentner And His Orchestra
Composed by Les Baxter
Arranged by Bob Florence
Produced by Si Waronker and Snuff Garrett
Cover Design: Francis & Monaham, Inc.
Photography: Garrett-Howard, Inc.
Liberty Premier Poly 120 Sound

Lavish production values are present in the jacket design which features a real piece of burlap fixed to a portion of the front cover. That part of the cover swings open to reveal the track list along with project audio information and copy explaining the link between Martin, Baxter and Zentner.

Essentially, this is Zentner's big band take on Les Baxter tunes that Martin Denny made popular on the Liberty Label.

Buyers expecting a more dramatic Martin Denny brand sound may have been underwhelmed if they were not familiar with Zentner's bright big band approach. On-the-other-hand, I found this set to be one of Zentner's more creative projects.

Temple Pageant
The Enchanted Reef
Demons And Dragons
Legend Of The Island Gods
Bali Monkey Dance
Pagan Ritual
Jungle Train
Stolen Idol
Lotus Pool
Tribe Of The Moon
Calabash Annie

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