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Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello-Goodbye - Francis Lai

No Need To Cry (side 2 version)
Music Composed and Conducted by Francis Lai
Composer of "A Man And A Woman"
20th Century-Fox Records
S 4210

Most of the tracks are short, as you might expect to hear on a soundtrack album. Those tracks leave you wanting to hear how the full song might have played out. However, there are several more "complete" tunes to enjoy, including the sample above. The range is from a more traditional mood vibe to the more groovy 70s thing.

Danny Takes A Dip
No Need To Cry
Theme 3
Lazy Nights
Food For Cats
Take The Plunge
Harry's Return
Journey To Marseilles
Bistro Waltz
Morning Departure
Danny's Theme
Destintation Le Havre

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