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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Soundtronic Guitar Of Vincent Bell

The Soundtronic Guitar Of Vincent Bell
Produced By Monte Bruce
Cover Designed By Walter Rich
Independent Record Company
LLP 8012

For some reason, this fine Bell album seems to be very obscure compared to his other solo LPs. From the cover design, the release year looks to be about 1961 or '62.

In addition to his solo efforts, Bell was a busy session guitarist. Known for innovation and invention Bell most likely created all of the effects and hardware needed make them as heard on this project.

Very much "soundtronic"!

From the back cover: Instrumental-arranger Vincent Bell is assisted by Buddy Brower, Piano – Bob Alexander, Drums – and Joe Andre, Bass. "They work WITH me" say Vincent Bell; "they fit-in completely with whatever I am doing."
Sentimental Journey
The Faint
Sunny Boy
Stompin' At The Savoy
Echoes Of Spain
I'll Remember April
Travelin' Guitar
Darn That Dream

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  1. I hope to come across this album in my own album music search... that Vincent Bell sound is all it's own, isn't it? I haven't been lucky enough to find any so far, but a good part of the fun is the journey, not so much the find. Thanks for the share. v.fulton


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