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Friday, December 27, 2013

Starlit Hour - Ambose

Autumn Serenade
Starlit Hour
The Music Of Peter DeRose
Ambrose And His Orchestra
MGM Records

From the back cover: Born in London, Ambrose really got his start in America as violinist in a band led by fellow-Londoner Emil Coleman. He was fifteen at the time. From that band he passed on to the legendary Palais Royal, the forerunner of the latter-day Latin Quarter. Here, although only sixth violin, he caught the eye of producer John Murray Anderson, who then was fare from his later Broadway career, still dancing (although producing nightery shows) with his partner, the well-remembered Cynthia Perrot. It was Anderson who promoted Ambrose from his violin desk when the orchestra's usual conductor fell suddenly ill. The proprietor of the cafe liked the young man's work and, upon the production of a new revue, hired him as chief conductor, even putting the newcomer's name – Then Bertram Ambrose – into lights. Soon, through successive engagements, Ambrose was, according to columnist Cholly Knickerbocker, "setting the fashion in American dance music." Suddenly, Ambrose decided to try his luck back in his own country. It was Cynthia Perrot, than a great success in London, who helped him find his first London engagement: at the city's great Embassy Club. His fame soon spread and he became the favorite of both Londoner commoners and royalty alike. Soon, Ambrose had repeated at home his initial American success – and then some!

Cloud Lucky Seven
Let's Dream Together
Music Box In Blue
Grass Window's Lament
Lilacs In The Rain
Moonlight Mood
Starlit Hour
The American Waltz
Blue September
Autumn Serenade
White Orchids
Deep Purple

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