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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Medieval Jazz Quartet Plus Three

The Medieval Jazz Quartet Plus Three
Conceived and Arranged by Bob Dorough
Classic Editions CE 1050

Here is a good cover scan from a somewhat obscure album I found recently. However hard to find, files from the session can be found in the usual places for purchase/download so I won't be posting a sample.

Posted here because we, up here in the Atomic Attic... found the recording delightful and wanted to share. The sound is easily accessible by the quirky minded space age music lover. More then baroque... more than jazz... it's subtle, funky, and inventive stuff with excellent pacing. A few tracks feature unexpected low key vocal treatments.

I suggest finding a good vinyl copy because this one needs to be heard without a lot of noise. If downloading, I suggest purchasing the entire album so that you can enjoy the full experience, however, the track titled Nature Boy is a standout if you are interesting in a sample.

How High The Moon
September Song
Nature Boy
Lady Be Good
You Are Too Beautiful
Mood Indigo
Autumn Leaves

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