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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Groovy Side - The Lennon Sisters

Ode To Billy Joe
On The Groovy Side
The Lennon Sisters
Produced by Snuff Garrett
Arranged by Al Capps
Ranwood R8004

The arrangements don't make it all the way across the street to the groovy side.

Ode To Billy Joe is featured above because the track is the one song that, refreshingly, allows for a solo vocal over the expected chorus approach. The Sister isn't credited for her effort. The song is also found on a Lennon Pickwick release: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Also released on the DOT label.

Goin' Out Of My Head
Never My Love
I Love
Up, Up And Away
I Will Wait For You
Prisoner Of Love
Gypsy, What Can I Do
Ode To Billy Joe
Count Me In

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