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Monday, December 23, 2013

Lush Interlude - Stan Kenton

Artistry In Bolero
Lush Interlude
The Music Of Stan Kenton
Produced by Lee Gillette
Cover photo by Phil Fahs
Recorded August, 1958, in Hollywood, California
Capitol Records ST 1130

Piano and leader: Stan Kenton / trombones: Milt Bernhart, Kent Larsen, Jim Amlotte, Bob Fitzpatrick, Kenny Shroyer / flute: George Spelvin / guitar: Laurindo Almeida / bass: Red Mitchell, Joe Mondragon, Don Bagley / percussion: Shelly Manne alternating with Larry Bunker, Frank Flynn / and a full complement of strings.

Shelly Manne appears by arrangement with Contemporary Records

From the back cover: The theme of the Kenton orchestra, Artistry In Rhythm, was composed by Stan in 1941, when he was engaged in organizing his original orchestra. He followed in with Opus in Pastels, which was originally designed as a saxophone showpiece, and his exciting, dramatic Concerto to End All Concertos. Then the combined efforts of Kenton and Pete Rugolo produced Theme to the West and Collaboration, both standards in the Kenton library.

On his own, Pete Rugolo composed Artistry in Bolero for the early orchestra and followed it with the soulful Interlude. Two other well-remembered Kenton standards featured in this album are Machito, a brilliant Afro-Cuban composition, and A Theme for My Lady, also by Pete Rugolo. Lush Waltz, composed expressly for this album, is a haunting, beautiful theme, and again confirms Rugolo's vast talent for both composition and orchestration.

From Billboard - January 19, 1959: Kenton presents revised lush treatments of his earlier favorites. Warm strings and smooth, brass choir are creatively featured. Kenton also has several solo passages. Tempos are varied. Excellent sound is a feature. Set will appeal to both pop and jazz markets. Numbers include "Theme To The West," "Artistry In Bolero" and "Interlude." Attractive Cover.

Opus In Pastels
A Theme From My Lady
Artistry In Bolero
Concerto To End All Concertos
Theme To The West
Lush Waltz
Artistry In Rhythm

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