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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love Of Life - Gene Bua

Love Of Life
Gene Bua
Heritage Record HTS-35,004

From the notes: VISION: The empty blur if a T.V. screen at mid-day. The dial is moved lazily to C.B.S. Flash! An angry young prince explodes into your life. At one moment he rages wild and untamed; the next he has the warmth of the sun; and his dark eyes reflect all the understanding of a prophet.

This vital young man is Gene Bua and he was discovered as Bill Prentiss on the C.B.S. day-time serial "Love Of Life".

Love Me Tender
If I Were A Carpenter
Goodbye My Old Gal
When Love Slips Away
I've Gotta Be Me
Dona, Dona
How Small We Are, How Little We Know
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Love Of Life

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