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Monday, December 30, 2013

Un Brindis Por Chiapas - Tete Cuevas

Un Brindis Por Chiapas
Un Brindis Por Chiapas
Tete Cuevas Al Piano
Y Conjunto Ron Bonampak
Columbia Discos De Mexico
EX 2047

I was pleased to stumbled across this vintage album featuring the above colorful and fun cover on one of my thrift shop stops here in Northern Kentucky.

Let me just say that I can't read the copy, but there are probably some Cuecas history tidbits on the back cover. I was able to find one or two albums made by Cuevas (other than this press) online and a few YT videos. The albums and videos hint that she may have been reasonably active, at least in Mexico, for a period of time. Still, she is an obscure artist (from what I can tell), so I'll make an exception here and post the entire album.

The LP is a curious, "lounge" affair, featuring slightly quirky arrangements, a sound blend that you just don't hear in American lounge from the period. It's subtle… but if you listen to a lot of period mood/lounge, you'll noticed curious blend of period instruments and sound trends.

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