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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Hits Volume 10

Reeling In The Years
Super Hits
Played & Sung Like The Original Hits
Volume 10
Pickwick International SPC-3911

What luck I had finding a seal copy of this gem! Yes, in my attempt to bring you the scrapings from the bottom of the vinyl barrel comes another "sung like the original" cover album.

From the back cover: FAR OUT... FAR OUT... FAR OUT!!!!!!!!!! It's Superhits time again and it's far out..... All the top groups have been grooving with some super sounds, the sounds that turn you on and turn our own folks on. Yes, indeed!!... King's Road had done it again... taken the biggies that you ask for and done them up with the kind of special sound that makes'em just like the originals. Donnie Osmond (throb... throb) struts his stuff again with the lovely THE TWELFTH OF NEVER. I mean to tell ya for a youngin' he sure knows how to sing that song. Rockin' and rollin' REELING IN THE YEARS as performed by Steely Dan rounds out Superhits Volume 10 and what can I say... I mean really... after you check out these songs you're gowna sit back and say... WOW... ole Keith has socked it to me again... an I love it!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. FAR OUT! lol what a great record! A riot! The Steely Dan! Sounds like the cast of a Broadway show.
    Frankenstein being done on guitar! That was a synthesizer song!


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