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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Serenade For Love - Richard Hayman

Serenade For Love
Richard Hayman And His Orchestra
Mercury MG 20115

It is difficult to pinpoint the date of release. I suspect 1958 or 59 from the cover. And I have to love the cover. This was back in the day when NO meant YES!

The tracks are pleasant easy listening pop. Some songs seem to have a little reverb added to the string section which gives the sound a bit of space age life. Dansero is a nice Latin track, The song Tears On Satin is cool featuring Hayman playing his harmonica. But I like Americano, the second track on the A side is the more groovy offering.

Hayman's album, Voodoo is still one of my favorite albums.

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  1. NICE stuff! Looks like Kim Novak on the cover. But, she actually looks dead. Hayman is fabulous!


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