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Friday, April 1, 2011

Satan In High Heels

Satan In High Heels
Mundell Lowe
Charlie Parker Records
Apex Record Corporation
Produced and Directed by Aubrey L. Mayhew

The movie, released in 1962, is a budget exploitation film (what else). I bought the record, sucked in by the title like the good/bad boy I am. I expected some wicked 60s shlock sound track, but, instead I put a cool space age jazz album on the turntable. The album is basically a "normal" record in that it doesn't play like a soundtrack. There has to be a story behind how a movie such as this gets hooked up with Charlie Parker Records.

The album is available on CD. Vinyl is pretty easy to find cheap. I post a clip from the movie below. The record is way better then this clip... Not to say I didn't enjoy the leather!

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