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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jose Greco - Danzas Flamencas

Jose Greco
Danzas Flamencas
Decca DL 9758

This is a somewhat obscure LP.

Jose Greco was a well known flamenco dancer and choreographer. He is credited on the jacket for "choreographic and musical arrangements". This album isn't mentioned on his wiki page.

Flamenco is the only dance that I know of that translates to auditory rhythm and, therefore works on recordings as "percussion". This album is way better then most flamenco records I've found. The vocal treatments are outstanding.


  1. NICE one, Mark!! Almost primal. Love it!

  2. Absolutely wonderful to hear this again. I bought this LP in 1956 but lost it in a burglary in 1964. I have missed it all my life since (does your copy have the name "Lisle" inscribed on the sleeve by any chance??). Is there any way I could obtain a copy of all the songs from you?
    George Lisle


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