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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pipe Organ And Percussion

Song Of India
Pipe Organ And Percussion
Promenade Records 2228

Obscure budget percussion album from Promenade. No artist/orchestra listed. No date, although I'd have to guess early 60s because of the "ping-pong" effects.

For budget, this is pretty good stuff. Whoever recorded the album made some effort to blend all the instruments into a sound with personality. And the pipe organ/percussion approach is odd enough to hold your attention.

Also released as:

Fabulous Sounds Of The Pipe Organ And Percussion
Pirouette Records
RFM 64


  1. NICE! Song of India, of course, a fave! Very Pandit with great percussion!

  2. Hi, Mark,
    Came across your blog today as a result of my search for info on this album. I picked up my copy in a community thrift shop for a whoppin' fifty cents. Like you, I am totally fascinated by the obscure and odd in the recording industry.

    All the best,
    Clem Hollingsworth

    1. Hi Clem! Thank you for your comment. Between my 3 blogs there are over 5,000 albums to check out. I was also able to repair the audio link above after checking this page today. Have a great New Year! – Mark


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