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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soundproof - Ferrante And Teicher

The Sound Of Tomorrow Today!
Ferrante and Teicher
Westminster Records WP 6014

No hidden treasure of course. But I wanted to pile on and say this is a great space age pop record! From the cover (the photo is "courtesy MGM Pictures – producers of Forbidden Planet") one of my all time favorite movies and soundtracks.

I can't find any back story on how Ferrante and Teicher came to acquire rights to the cover image while not having any direct connection to the film.

Great space age pop flavor, but there are also nice touches of exotica on this LP as well. The cool thing is that you feel like you are sitting in the studio while they play through these songs. The sound is very natural and very human-like for "space" music.

My favorite tune is on side B: Dark Eyes. A very haunting piece that is very exotica.

What Is This Thing Called Love?
El Cumbanchero
Mississippi Boogie
Mermaid Waltz
Man from Mars 

Breeze and I
Someone to Watch Over Me
African Echoes
Dark Eyes

The Sound Of Tomorrow Today!
Ferrante and Teicher
Westminster Records WST 15011

When I bought this I thought that I was purchasing the stereo version of the record you see above. I glanced at my review and noticed that I mention liking a track titled Dark Eyes. Well... the tracks on this album are completely different from the tracks found on WP 6014. Surprise. I do find mention of this online. But no mention why the same cover. I assume the release date to be 1957. A CD reissue contains tracks from both LPs.

These two albums are outstanding experimental works. The sonic quality is excellent. Really stunning stuff if you are into exotica/space age music.

The track list on this album:

Peg-Leg Merengue
Mama To Quero
Orchids In The Moonlight

Mexican Hat Dance
Loose Ends Merengue
La Cucaracha

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  1. Another really fabulous piece that I also own. One of the coolest Space Age covers around!


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