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Friday, April 1, 2011

Music For Dancing - The Merlin Trio

Music For Dancing
The Merlin Trio
Grand Prix Series K-189

Obscure budget album on Pickwick's reissue label. The Grand Prix Series discography lists this catalog number as Moonlight Dance Time - Velvet Sounds.

The cover look askew because it is. The jacket black has STEREO printed on it at the top and then the artwork was fix to the front at an angle.

The music is a touch space age, light pop. No mention online as who The Merlin Trio are.


  1. What a crazy fun cover! They look like they are all ready to trip each other!

  2. I have the same ablum with the same askew cover. Any idea of the date of issue?

  3. Sorry, I was not able to determine the release date.


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