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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rhapsody In Blue - Levant Plays Gershwin

Rhapsody In Blue
Levant Plays Gershwin
Columbia CL 700

Available on CD, but you don't get this stellar space age album cover!

The music, to me, isn't as "spicy" as the cover art.


  1. My father has this album and I grew up thinking she was the most glamorous woman in the world.

  2. This album-cover is why Peter Durchin at the St. Regis is only the SECOND-most glamorous album-cover I know of. The photo-work, the symbols/objects selected, the layout, the font(s), there is simply no room for improvement over this. When I get the flu and am so sick I can't even think or move other than my mouse, I get through it by looking at thousands of mid-century album-covers. This one is the best, ever. -- Christopher L. Simpson


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