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Friday, May 6, 2011

Batman & Hefti In Gotham City - Heal Hefti

Batman Theme
Composed And Conducted By Heal Hefti
RCAVictor LSP-3573

Surely this record has been blogged to death. Of course the album can be found on CD, so I won't be posting a sample. But I had to dust off the cover of the copy I found and display it up here in The Atomic Attic.

What a terrific space age recording! The Batman Theme charted on the Top 40. But there is not a dull track on this LP. A masterwork of cool all the way through and possibly my favorite light pop now sound style album.

Read more about Hefti on his spaceagepop page.

Hefti In Gotham City
Heal Hefti And His Orchestra And Chorus
RCA Victor LSP-3621

Terrific follow-up album in the same style. There are a few songs that are a bit darker.

Some of the tracks off this album are available on the CD release that includes the album posted above.

Great stuff that you have to find the vinyl to enjoy.

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  1. Hefti rules and who doesn't LOVE the Batman theme??


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