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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rhythm In Motion - Johnny Williams

Rhythm In Motion
Johnny Williams And His Orchestra
Columbia CS 8467

Available by MP3 purchase/download but you don't get the fab original cover. Note the "orange" square at the top with the image of the horn. That is one of those "winking" images that you usually see on a vintage postcards. The image moves as you move the card from side to side.

The music is delightful blend of period trends including ping-pong, light pop, percussion, big band swing and jazz. The back cover features a diagram of studio positions of the musicians mentioning that 14 condenser microphones were employed. The engineering is excellent.

An Occasional Man and My Heart Belongs To Daddy are great space age tracks.

Read all about Williams on his wiki page! He wrote scores for many big movies including several Star Wars films.

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