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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hawaii Goes A Go-Go - Martin Denny

Hawaii Goes A Go-Go
Martin Denny
Liberty Records LRP-3445

From the back cover: There is no doubt that this is the Go-Go generation. The words Go-Go have become an automatic phrase of this era. There's everything from Go-Go discotheques to Go-Go laundromats and, I am sure, many people have asked themselves "Where does this all come from?" It all started in Paris, France and spread like wild fire to both the east and west.

This is a live recording. I found it odd because the quality reminds me of a boot leg recording, as if someone in the audience had a tape recorder on them. I think this may have been the point (audience interaction) and historically it is interesting to hear Denny perform as though you were sitting in the audience. I don't know how this record went over with the buying public. The sound must have seemed a little rough or cheap to many who were more used to hearing studio recordings.


  1. Nice one! I've not come across this one before!

  2. I just found out that Martin Denny may not have actually performed on this! I was listening to the Quiet Village podcast and it was really fun!


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