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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Muskrat Love And 24 More Big Hits

More Than A Feeling
Muskrat Love And 24 More Big Hits
T.E.J Records 2004

Sometimes you just get lucky when record hunting. You find a record with great title, lovely vintage cover art, a flimsy jacket holding not just one, but two vinyl treasures. And those records aren't normal records, they are "GIANT RECORDS". They are also, As Seen On T.V.!

What more could you ask for? How about a cover of Boston's More Than A Feeling?

Look no further!


  1. I found two of these sets so far. They are like the parallel dimension version of the originals.

  2. FABULOUS! OMG, that cover of Boston's tune is priceless!

  3. TEJ Records has the best crap-tastic cover versions! I actually collect the stuff for the laughs. I have the 3-record set 'The Top 50' with 50 crappy covers of 1975 and the (2) 8-track set 'The Big 50' with more bleeding eardrum candy covers from 1976.

    But, don't have "Muskrat Love". Are you interested in trading CD-R or MP3 dubs?


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