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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Billy Vaughn - Embraceable You!

Mack The Knife
Billy Vaughn!
Embraceable You!
Pickwick (by Arrangement with DOT Records) SPC-3093

Groovy 60s cover. Is the music as groovy as the cover? No.

Let me just say that I've got a few Vaughn albums in the collection that I really like. However, this one appears to be Pickwick simply throwing together some of Vaughn's earlier, more "Lawrence Welk" sounding stuff.

From the back cover: We are not going to be as presumptous (yes, they misspelled presumptuous) as to say that this is the definitive album of its kind... but we will tell you – and hope that you will agree – that Billy is the master of interpreting popular songs so that they may continue to live.

Honest to God... that copy is from the back cover.

Mac The Knife is by far the best track off the album.

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  1. Fun cover of Mack the Knife! I like the LP jacket. I'm not a collector of Vaughn's stuff for some reason. Just don't find him as interesting as many of the others of the genre.


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