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Monday, March 7, 2011

Moog Power - Hugo Montenegro

My Way
Moog Power
Hugo Montenergo
RCA LSP-4170

Montenegro's electronic works were decisive and influential for the future generations of electronic musicians, giving retro/futuristic edge by the use of Moog Synthesizer, and helped to push its popularity. Read more on his wiki page.

There are a number of posts and reviews covering this album. I include it here simply to confirm that it is  killer moog/60s light psych-pop.

It is hard to offer a sample because all the songs are terrific. But for the sake of this blog... the "lounge" cover of My Way is a must.


  1. Best cover art ever? I think he's reading my mind... ahhhhhhh! He's doing it his way!

  2. GREAT record! Leave out the vocals, Hugo. Instrumental is where it's at for me!


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