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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Best Of Vincent Bell

Baker St. Mystery
The Best Of Vincent Bell
Arranged & Produced By Charles Caelelo
Musicor Records
MS 3192

Finding this album was a treat! What an awesome and outstanding space age pop record!

There is a great piece on Bell on that you will want to read.

Bell created the "watery" guitar sound that was trendy in 60s recordings. He experimented with homemade electronic devices and he may be credited with inventing the wah-wah pedal.

He was prolific studio musician who worked along side the likes of Al Caiola and Tony Mottola.

He designed the first or one of the first 12 string electric guitars and invented a number of electric guitar models for Danelectro, Coral and other companies.

Every track on this album is a gem. The music is a blend of exotica (covers like Caravan, Ebb Tide and Brazil), early 60s Enoch Light-esque light pop and Italian science fiction movie soundtrack. OK... that's a stretch... but listen to Baker St. Mystery! Maybe Italian pop musicians took a cue from Bell!


  1. AWESOME! That is outstanding! Would love to find a copy!

  2. Why has the information for getting the water sound of Vincent Bell, never been released? It seems like a closely guarded secret.

  3. Hi Anonymous --- I'm a friend of Vincent Bell's. He is 79 years old now, and yes, he still keeps the secret of how he made that "water" sound. He told me that Les Paul went to his grave, still asking Vinnie how he did it!
    The reason Vinnie keeps it such a secret, is that Vinnie invented the "Wah-Wah" pedal in the 50s, and he showed how it works to someone who patented it, and started selling it.

    I would STILL like to find out how the "Water" effect works, too!


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