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Monday, March 7, 2011

Captivation - Hawaiian Moods

The Moon Of Manakoora
Hawaiian Moods
The Outriggers
Warner Bros. W1314

Here's a lovely cover that was apparently not shot in Hawaii, but rather at The Traders in Beverly Hills.

The August 10, 1959 Billboard like this release. "Much competition in the field, but excellent sound and newness here."

This is traditional "Hawaii" with modern (1959) pop flourishes. The most notable sound is the organ featured in many of the songs. I found several "Outrigger" albums online, but no information on the group itself.


  1. NICE tiki lounge music! Love it!

  2. One of my first, and best-loved, "easy listening" records - bought when I had my first job. Glad to see it still around.


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