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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Unicorn - Peter Pan Records

Green Tambourine
The Unicorn
Peter Pan Pop Singers And Orchestra
Peter Pan Records 8068

The Unicorn? What does a unicorn and Noah's Ark have to do with any of these pop songs? Nothing... that's what. And why the implication that the unicorn was left behind to drown? Dang it! I knew Noah forget something!

Enjoy the Peter Pan Singers as they struggle through The Lemon Pipers' Green Tambourine.



  1. I think that's the saddest album cover I ever saw. No, I mean it's actually horribly sad. Question: Did Noah have to bring two of each fish on the ark? Did he have a green tambourine?

  2. I have to agree with Carl. That cover makes me cry. Why would Noah leave that sweet little crature behind. I have this record too. Then again we can look at it as if Noah is coming BACK to rescue the little Unicorn that he forgot! Yes, that's the story I am going with. Like the island of misfit toys...when I was a kid I could barely stand that segment of Rudolph.


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