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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Koto In A Latin Mood With The Old Tunes Of Japan

Sakura Sakura
Koto In A Latin Mood With The Old Tunes Of Japan
Koto Solo: Haru Tomniaga With Toshiba Recording Band
Toshiba Records JPO 1018

The title and credit on the cover is the only information in English. However, I found a "mimeographed" paper inside the jacket with this copy: Miss Tominaga is a well-known koto impressionist who recently traveled to the United States. She gave many performances there and received wonderful reviews. On her return, she made this record as a thanky you to all the people who had been so nice to her. She was formerly a student of the great Michio Miyagi, one of Japan's most famous koto players of all time.

Miss Tominaga attempts to show how versatile the koto really is by blending it beautifully with a large orchestra in a Latin vein.

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  1. Absolutely AMAZING. I didn't know it was a 10" how perfect! Oh I would love to find that. Awesome Exotica!! Sounds like the record was in good condition, too!


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