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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hawaiian Favorites - Alfred Apaka With Danny Stewart's Hawaiians

Hawaiian Favorites
Alfred Apaka With Danny Stewart's Hawaiians
Decca Records DL 8361

From the back cover: About Alfred Apaka... The man who is often called "Hawaii's Bing Crosby" is a handsome 200-pounder who is the "voice" of "Hawaii Calls." The notes mention his weight again at one point.

Apaka died suddenly in 1960, aged 40, while playing handball at the YMCA. He was buried with a microphone in his hand. Read Apaka's wiki page for the full story.

The jacket notes are written in such a way to suggest that everyone is alive, healthy and working even though this record was release, apparently about 4 years after Apaka's death.

A somewhat "traditional" sound, but Apaka's vocals are so smooth and strong that he was able to hold my attention. The Hawaiian guitar work is also very expressive.

This album is available on CD for almost nothing or by download at the usual online sources.

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  1. Ah! Apaka! Fabulous Hawaiian music! I have come across SO many Apaka records. He had to be very prolific! Love him!Fun that they stuck a mic in his hand when he was buried! Now he's singing with the Gods!


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