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Monday, March 7, 2011

Gene Estes - The Greatest Stereo Vibraphone In Recorded History

Gene Estes
The Greatest Stereo Vibraphone In Recorded History
Provocative Stereo
Carlton Virtuoso Series STLP 12/125

A November 14, 1960 Billboard article announces Carlton's plans for new "Virtusos" album series. "...which will feature performances by seldom heard and new artists in the pop and jazz fields.

From the back cover: "He enjoys a "musicians' musician" reputation as a leading virtuoso of the vibraphone although with less publicity than the Lionel Hamptons or Red Norvos... or among the modern set, Milt Jackson.

Estes did studio work on The Monkees (theme), Beach Boys (Pet Sounds) and Frank Zappa (Lumpy Gravy). He was 29 years old when this album was pressed.

Here's the only page of real info that I could find on Estes. 

Band members on this album include: John Pisano (guitar), Bob Bertaux (bass), Jerry Williams (drums), Joyce Collins (piano) and John Bambridge (bass clarinet).

Carlton's engineering is quite good on this record.


  1. Awesome that He worked with Zappa on Lumpy Gravy! Beautiful relaxing sound. I like it!

  2. Many thanks for this discovery.
    Michael Hinton

  3. I found this today for $1.95 and had to buy it just becasue of its claims. Your blog comes up pretty quick on Google - I guess Gene Estes is a bit of an unknown. I own hundreds of Jazz discs (CD & LP) and have never heard the name.

    Great stuff - both the LP and your blog. I bookmarked you to see what else pops up.



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