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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Lab '76 - The North Texas State University Jazz Lab Band

North Texas State University School Of Music
Marceau C. Myers, Dean Presents
Lab '76!
Leon Breeden, Director
Album Design, Liner Notes, Photography: J Frank Lively
Loomis Photo by Gary Rago
Shanklin photo from Dr. Wn. Latham
Distributed by Ray Lawrence LTD., Studio City, California


Side one:
Love Beams: Omega Audio; Darrell Henke, Engineer
Myth Of Sisyphus: Vestige Recording; Bob Grace, Engineer
Chief's Blues: Alcorn Productions; Jim Alcorn, Engineer
Side two:
Dallasonic Recording: Thom Calceta and Don Smith, Engineers


Saxophones: Roger Dismore (Lead)
Dan Higgins (Pete Brewer*)
Steve Spencer
Bev Dahlke

Chuck Schmidt (Lead)
Bill Collins
Ron Bergan (Wayne George*)
Doug Coltman
Clay Jenkins (Mike Davis*)

Jim Milne (Pat Coil*)

Marc Johnson (Jim Lacefield, 2nd Bass on "Myth Of Sisyphus)

John Riley

Jim Chirillo (Jett Davang*)

Gene Glover
*On "Chief's Blues" Only

The Cover: Those of you who remember the famous "lizard" who appeared on our "Lab '75!" cover will find a relative of his on this year's cover. He's down there in the lower right hand corner, watching the "Monster flute player." (Another visual pun!). Our thanks to Sue Ellen Brown, NTSU senior Advertising Design major, who created the work.

From Billboard - March 19, 1977: This remarkable musical and professional collegiate big band conducted by Dr. Leon Breeden is a model of what contemporary large-scale jazz is all about. Exceptional solos by Dan Higgins, alto; Jim Milne, piano and Clay Jenkins, flugelhorn blend well with adventurous, musically fascinating charts by six different arrangers. A bow, too, to J. Frank Lively's lively annotation, LP design and photos. Best cuts: "Love Beams," "Ballad For Gary," Chief's Blues."

Love Beams
Composer/Arranger Mark Taylor (NTSU) - Dan Higgins, Alto Sax Solo

Myth Of Sisyphus*
Composer/Arranger Paul Loomis (NTSU) - Mark Henderson, Tenor Sax Solo

Chief's Blues
Composer/Arranger Rich Shanklin (NTSU Alumnus) - Roger Dismore, Soprano Sax Solo

Phone A Trois
Composer/Arranger Alf Clausen (NTSU) - Dan Higgins, Alto Sax Solo - Clay Jenkins, Flugelhorn Solo - James Chirillo, Guitar Solo

Ballad For Gary*
Composer/Arranger Alf Clausen - Jim Mike, Piano Solo - Clay Jenkins, Flugelhorn Solo

Composer Arranger Jim Milne (NTSU) - Bill Yeager, Trombone Solo - Jim Milne, Piano Solo

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