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Friday, April 19, 2019

Guitars Unlimited - The Barclay Stars

Opus De Funk
Guitars Unlimited
The Barclay Stars
Musical Supervision: G. Levecque
A&R Director: J. Fernadez
Cover Design: Loring Eutemey
Recording Engineer: Gerhard Lehner
Recorded by Barclay Records, Paris, France
Atco Records SD 33-194
A Division of Atlantic Recording, Corp.

Guitar: Francis Le Maguer, Pierre Cullaz, Raymond Gimenes, Paul Piguillem & Victor Apicella
Piano: Raymond Le Senechal or Jacques Danjean
Bass: Paul Rovere or Guy Pedersen
Drums: Frank Houplain

From Billboard - October 22, 1966: Guitarist Doing Right For Barclay - French guitarist Francis Le Maguer has produced a new sound for Barclay Records with an ensemble called Guitars Unlimited.

Le Maguer uses the guitars to reproduce the sound of the various sections of a big band in faithful interpretations of celebrated jazz standards by Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman and others.

The album has already sold 6,000 copies in three months and is released in the U.S. by Atlantic and in Britain by Philips. Le Maguer plans a follow-up album shortly in which he will feature further Count Basie and Ellington numbers, Sacha Diestel's "The Good Life," and possibly some Lennon-McCartney tunes.

Shiny Silk Stockings
Sophisticated Lady
Flight Of The Foo Birds
In A Mellow Tone
Four Brothers
April In Paris
Satin Doll
Take The A Train
Early Autumn
Opus De Funk

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