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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Prisoner

The Prisoner
Bam-Caruso Records KIRI 066

Here's a bit of a rare release (more so in the states). I think the album was a UK only release.

Some, if not all of the tracks are available for purchase/download (or at least the few I searched for on Amazon). So I will not be posting a sample.

The album plays more like a soundtrack. The tracks are numerous and short. The producers tried to arrange the tracks as they appeared in the series, noting that some tracks were juxtaposed to help "preserve a musical balance".

If you are too young to remember The Prisoner, I would recommend watching it on DVD. The show was a unique and groovy blend of science fiction, fantasy, spy/secret agent and 60s counterculture.


  1. The Prisoner is my all time favorite drama series! and it has its comic moments too.

  2. Yes, this is a great record! Awesome cover too!


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